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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's in a name? or the name of a bag?

Three things to be happy about:
(1) remembering that this too shall pass
(2) drive-thru doughnut shops
(3) upscale supermarkets

I don't know about where you live, but if you go shopping here in the District, there's a 5-cent surcharge on bags if they have to give you one ... whether it's the supermarket, Target, CVS... wherever.  On the other hand, they (the Giant supermarket, at least) give you a 5-cent credit if you have your own bag.  How much sense does that make??

Sometimes my naughty streak just has to come out... I went to the Giant the other day and at the checkout counter I whipped out a Wegman's bag - the clerk was google-eyed! Now tell me ... if you had a choice of bags, which would you choose??

Exactly what I thought!  Here's one I got when I had my last mammogram...
I've only had the "nerve" to use it once, though.

And here's what happens when you take lots of meaningless pictures for your blog:
You run out of batteries and have to buy another super-big pack from Costco!  Enjoy your Sunday...


  1. Thanks for the big laugh! I always carry a cloth bag so I never take a store one. Unfortunately, my husband brings home more than enough for any five people!
    48 years ago in Tokyo everyone carried a shopping basket and if anything was wrapped it was in old newspaper. Now there are even bags inside of bags.

  2. I need to find me a pattern so I can make some nice big beautiful (but obnoxious) fabric bags to take to the grocery store.. that would be so fun.

  3. I'm Lovin your new Blog Design by Madame Samm!!! Isn't she precious?? I was one of her latest rescues, not that you needed rescuing. It is sew nice to have a "sticky" blog as she calls it.
    Come on back for a visit. I just clicked on to follow your blog!
    Gmama Jane


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