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Saturday, January 29, 2011

a-b-c and 1-2-3

I shopped my stash for fabrics to make a kiddie quilt, this is just at the in-my-head stage right now.  The background will be combos of light fabrics, mostly in the beige-light brown family. 

Since I wanted to make something that would use up a lot of my scraps, I thought I'd applique the alphabet and some numbers onto separate background blocks.  I pulled a handful of blues and greens for the letters and numbers; obviously I'll need to add a lot more to this pile - maybe I'll throw in some purples too!  I might also add some crumb piecing, we'll see.

Where do ideas come from?  The layout I plan to use was inspired by the cover of a magazine I saw last month, I think I can make it work.  As I said before it's just in my head right now; I won't start this one until I finish some deadline stuff.

Have you noticed the new "related posts" buttons at the bottom?  Sometimes they have exactly nothing to do with the current posting, I don't know how the program picks which ones to link to.  I'll give it a little more time, then I might remove it.  Maybe I configured it wrong... who knows what, anyway?

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