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Monday, January 31, 2011

My New Look!!

Madame Samm has done it again, and this time she did it for ME!!   I feel so special to have a genuine Madame Samm banner, and it's a winner!  How did she capture me so well, when we'd never spoken, I never told her my favorite colors, I never told her how I used to wear my hair...  It's simply AMAZING! 

Thank You Madame Samm for your generosity, you have such a caring, generous spirit! (Can you tell I love my new banner??)

When we spoke, Samm said my old background looked like skin cancer, omg she was right!!  ROFL  The new one is definitely on target!

And now, lest someone think I'm ungrateful, I have some 'splainin to do - I hardly ever check an old posting for comments, so I missed it when Samm asked me to take a peek!  I came on, hit a coupla blogs, cued up three days' worth of posts and got back to sewing... had my nose to the needle for a good part of 2 days.  Oh man, I didn't know what I almost missed! 

Also, I'm guilty of not checking my Yahoo email for over a week... if I had, I'd have seen her emails!   I'll definitely have to do better   :O*(

Thanks again, Madame - celebrate with me, everybody!


  1. Big time congratulations!! See what happens when you don't take time to smell the roses (or check your email) a little more often??? I'm so very glad you caught up with Madame Samm, your blog is beautiful!

  2. How inspired is Madamme Samme! She's got you down to a tee! Congratualtions on your make-over, it's fabulous!

  3. So it was for you, I knew something did not seem right, and although I loved seeing it on Samm's blog, it looks fine here. Isn't she something I even wrote her and asked WHO was the lady, she never would say a peep.
    That speaks so much of her character. She is a woman you can trust. My word Linda, this is beautiful. Congratulations.

  4. Great new banner! Looks wonderful.

  5. Oh your new blog banner looks great! Madame Samm is such a sweet heart. Congratulations on your new blog look!! Hugs Ariane

  6. amquilterblues@yahoo.comJanuary 31, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    Great banner! I love it! How special you are for Madame Samm to select you for a banner makeover.
    You Go Gurl!!!!

  7. Ah, the hand of the super guru! How could it not look great!

  8. Your banner looks great! Congrats!


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