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Challenge Quilts

"No. 1 Ladies Quilting Society," 2011 - applique
Challenge: create a piece using fabric with African ladies.  I released these ladies from a Julia Cairns (or Keith Mallett, I'm not sure) panel and created a totally different background for them.

"Butterflius Chalengus", 2009(?) - applique
Challenge: create a quilt with butterflies or using butterfly fabric.  I saw a picture of a pretty butterfly stamp, and was inspired to create it in fabric.

"Raisin Maiden," 2009 - applique
Challenge:  create a quilt using the color purple.  I was inspired by the picture on a box of SunMaid raisins - I cut the grapes and leaves from a fabric... with grapes and leaves.

"We Got Your Back!" 2008 - pieced and applique
Challenge: create a quilt, garment, or other item that reflects some phase of the political process.  I chose to design my quilt around the Democratic donkey; in this piece he appears to be looking over his shoulder at the warrior figures along the edge; hence the name.

"Eighth Hour" - pieced
Challenge:  create a quilt using 6" blocks, with no more than 4 pieces per block.  This challenge was done when I was a member of PM Patchwork Guild.  I named it "Eighth Hour" because I was finishing it "not quite" at the eleventh hour.

"Eat Cake and Diet," 2011 - pieced and applique
Challenge: create a quilt showing the sweets you should not indulge in.  This one was done for both the 2011 Scrapbag retreat in Deep Creek, Maryland; and for the 2010 Brown Bag challenge.