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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A fun-filled afternoon!

This is a very short blog.  I was all set to tell you about the great time we had at my bee yesterday but alas ... according to comments I'm reading, blogger is temperamental.  I'd hate to lose anything, so I'll lay low and hope the problem gets resolved soon. 

Stay tuned for photos from the meeting, it's always great getting together with fellow Wee Bee Quilters. 

Until later,


  1. Linda, As long as I am admitting to reading your blog, I will admit that I also look forward to your posts and I hope the problem turns out to be a mere glitch.

  2. Julie, thank you! I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait a couple more days before I post photos. A few days ago I noticed someone's posting had disappeared but it came back... but then others aren't having problems.



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