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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stashhopping?? Stash hopping??

Okay, okay, it's really "stash shopping"... someone else's, not mine...

I admit, with my head hanging down, that yes I went shopping in someone else's stash ... then, with a bright and cheery grin I lift my head and ask "How can you blame someone with such an innocent face!?"

There's a local quilter who has had to rent a public $torage $pace for her stash because she has no more room at her home, and she's having to sell it off.  Last Friday my friend Pat and I hopped in the car and went joyfully to Kensington, Maryland and had our way in said stash.  I took a shopping bag but I had no intention of filling it up - and I didn't!  There was still a little bit of room left at the top when I came home.  :o)

I got some nice Free Spirit pieces...
these are assorted labels - Timeless Treasures, makower uk England, etc.  I got two nice purples and a "cobblestones" pattern in a kind of caramel-ly/brown-y color.

Two Northcotts, a Kaffe.  I like the pale green with the little cups, I took all she had left on the bolt.

Two Kaye Englands and a nice pink polka-dot - what's not to love about those dots!??  I got all she had left on the bolt... Pat talked me into it!

She had quite a few plastic-wrapped, unopened bolts of fabric... she said she now has about 1/4 of what she started out with.  I got a total of 30 yards for $60 - not bad for a morning's raid!  AND, I do intend to use this fabric!  Honest!  I already have a project in mind for that cream piece, above.

As I'm writing this, it is 1/11/11 and the snow is drifting quietly down outside.  We've been "downgraded" from 1-4 inches to just 1".  However, I'm prepared to work from home if need be.  Until later!


  1. Ok, sew you did not fill a bag, possibly your back seat lol...30 yds wow...ok, that is a good deal...What scares me is this lady had to rent a storage area for her fabric...ohhhh goodness, what must her house look like? lol

  2. I'm afraid I would have not only filled ONE bag but possibly 2 or 3 bags before I left. It is an addiction you know!???
    Gmama Jane

  3. Wow Linda you could have came and got me >>pouting<<< what a bargain! You have some real nice pieces. I am still laughing about the snow storm we had lol boy I swear the weather people can be so dramatic. I'm glad we didn't get as much as was predicted. Have a creative day
    Peace and Blessings
    Cheryl..Snatch JOY~!

  4. She had bolts? not just yardage? Wow! It is fun to go through somebody's stash because it comes from several years, and you can get fabrics you missed when they were available. I'm not sure I could have stopped at one bag!


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