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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happiness is where you find it...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) good humor
(2) the brilliant white of snow
(3) stars in the winter sky

I'm glad people like my daily happy things, there are so many out there!  I thought I'd share random quotes from this calendar I found at the Dollar store in Hampton (December 2005) when my sister Ruby and I were doing some "power" shopping.  Who'd think there'd be so much happy goodness in a dollar store purchase!?

Actually you can get good "junk" at the dollar store... like this Mrs. Santa tissue box cover that I use at Christmas time...
 and this iPod ...


Isn't that fabric a funny color?  In reality the fabric is white, with red polka-dots, not orange-y gold with red dots.  My Nikon camera has been doing that a lot lately ... is it time to get a new flash card?

In my ramblings, I've discovered that all dollar stores are not created equal; my personal favorite is Dollar Tree - now they really have the good stuff!  I've seen names like "Dollar Ocean" and "Dollar and More" that are not what I think of as a "dollar" store, and they're full of stuff they should refund you 98 cents from.  In one store I saw some kind of fabric "luggage" for $14.99 ... come on now!!  And they had the nerve to have it chained down?  Puleeese!

Today I think they're calling for more snow but as I type this the sun is coming up and it looks nice outside... we'll see.  I just have to get loc maintenance today then maybe a quick trip to Bath and Body Works to see if they've reduced their soaps again.  After that, if I'm smart, I'll come back home and get some sewing (and housework!) done.  I do not need to pass Macy's, I do not need to spend $200 (a very loose quote from the Monopoly game). Have a great day everyone!


  1. OHhh goodness me...sense of humor is vital..at least for me..otherwise I would have just draped my head over the exhaust pipe yesterday and went to sleep ahhh foreverlol...
    agree with you Linda..you need a new something for that camera...lol

  2. Yes, you might need a camera that costs more than a dollar!


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