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Friday, January 7, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Three things to be happy about:
(1) clocks with pendulums
(2) reorganizing the junk drawer
(3) aging gracefully

A few days ago I was brave enough to show my first quilt... and now I think I was brave to even call it a quilt!

Ronda, I can identify with the calico you used in your first quilt, I thought that's what you "had" to use!  A staff member at G Street Fabrics helped me pull fabrics together for my first quilt.  In this picture you can see the back is a riot of RED!  I really hate to toss out anything, I feel even semi-abandoned projects have some merit.  My dilemma... do I want to use some down time to pick loose my "quilting", add a decent border and properly finish this thing?  Or shall I bind it as is and donate it?  Or shall I let it languish in ufo-land?  I'll give it some thought.

Julie, it's interesting you mentioned using thinsulate, I always thought it was only for garments but I have a friend who says she likes to put it in quilts because it's light and warm.  I like a nice flat batt for wall hangings, they hang so much nicer; thinsulate would probably be great for show quilts!


  1. I keep meaning to take photos of a quilt I call "My Mistake." I started with a (I thought at the time) really great idea, and hand quilted it densely.

    After quilting for a very long time and it was about 1/4 done, I really looked it over, and realized it was not going to look like what I had planned, so I took it to the sewing machine, did a really awful job of machine quilting it, and it was done in 2 hours. I bound it, and it's the most reached for quilt in our home.

    I still admire my own hand quilting stitches in it, and gloss over the horrid machine quilting in it... it's a functional quilt and we all love it.

    I think just finishing the thing without guilt was the right answer for me, and freed me up to hand quilt something else. But it was big enough to keep a body warm. I've abandoned lots of wall quilts and mini quilts, and I don't feel guilty about those.

    That said, I think your first quilt is lovely, and even if the fabrics are not to your taste now, they are a yardstick to show where you started and where you are now. And that's worth something.

    ~ Ronda

  2. Ripping out stitches seems like a lot of work. Do it if your really attached to the quilt other wise someone who is down and needing a bit of love would love to receive it. Isn't it fun to look back and see how far we have come?

  3. Back around 1994 I read a little book, How NOT to Make A PRIZE-WINNING QUILT by Ami Simms. If you haven't read it, you should. It was so funny and will put everything you do into perspective.


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