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Friday, January 21, 2011

Quilting rulers, it's not nice to hide ...

So, how many rulers does the average quilter have?  Quick, pick a number!  Now, if I have more than that, does that make me "above" average??  ;o)

I was so sure I'd lost one of my favorite rulers, so I bought another one... then sometime later I found it in a bin of T-shirts I'd started cutting apart.  That made me think about organizing my rulers in one place ... and THAT led me on a safari to find all of em.

So I put on my deer-stalker hat, grabbed my spy glass and here's what I found:

Two 4 x 14's;  two 9-1/2" square;   a 4 x 8;  an 8-1/2 x 24;   a 4 x 4;   a 3 x 18;   a 6 x 24;   a 12-1/2" square;  a 14 x 14; and a corner tool, all by Omnigrid.

a 6-1/2" Easy Square Jr.,  a 6-1/2" Easy angle;  an Easy 6

a Fons & Porter diagonal set ruler (not used yet!); a Creative Grids 20-1/2 square and  60-degree triangle ruler (8" finished)

a Clear View 60-degree - 120-degree cutting tool; a Jodi Barrows square in a square ruler; a Scrap Master ruler; a Dear Jane triangle ruler (not used yet!); and a Wonder Cut ruler.  (That Scrap Master is nice, you can cut different sized squares, half- and quarter-square triangles from little odd-sized scraps.)

I also have a 6x24" O'Lippa at the office, and possibly another square one.

I had this one on my cutting table, something heavy fell on an edge that was sticking slightly off the table and broke it off.  Lesson learned.

I use the 8-1/2 x 24" a lot, it has a non-slip back and I like being able to add that extra 1/2 inch to my strip.  Great for cutting borders!

I'm sure I have a little skinny 1x6??


  1. Found your blog thru a recommendation from the Yahoo group I belong to. That 1x6" is an illusive little bugger... lol Mine tries to hide alot. I keep it by my sewing machine to trim as I sew.
    My rulers live in an old wooden bread cutting guide. (Remember when we all got those when bread machines were "new.") And the special ones have their own drawer in the plastic drawer set by the sewing table. So far I've been able to keep them corralled. :o)

  2. I have a couple rulers like the one with the corner broken off. One is the 12.5" square and I can still use it for squares up to 10".
    I keep my little 1x6 in the drawer of my sewing cabinet, but it has been known to hide in a pile now and then.


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