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Saturday, January 20, 2018

The third week of the New Year

... in which Ringo Lake seems to have frozen over.  Aw heck.

Wondering how many ways I can say "I finished more blocks" and showing the same blocks - without becoming a bore!  I'll keep sewing together the pieces and parts I need to make the units, then join those wherever they need to go to make the magic happen.

You'll probably not hear any more about the On Ringo Lake mystery til you see the finished top laid out, possibly mid- to late-summer.

Or maybe you will ...

I've also done a few more of my little churn dash blocks, love em!  These do keep me interested because I never really know exactly how a block will look til it's sewn together, and that's part of the fun/mystery in making these little blocks.

I really like using black on white fabrics for the background, and even though I have a pretty good variety of those fabrics, I still find myself looking at them whenever I go fabric shopping (which isn't often, thank goodness).

Making a "potato chip bag" from some very pretty Alexander Henry fabric I found in my stash.  The pieces are all cut out with fusible added on the back, the strap is made, I just need to sew the bag together.

Because my bee doesn't meet in December, we always have our Christmas gift exchange at the January meeting.  This year we're each making one gift, wrapped, to be chosen by a fellow member by drawing a number from a bag.  It's
always fun seeing all the gifts and wondering what you'll get - just like Christmas!

That's it for now, today is our first Guild meeting of the year; it's supposed to be a nice day for it.  It'll be nice to see everyone again, after a whole month!  Sew forth and sew on til later ...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The second week of the New Year

... in which Linda is still wading into Ringo Lake!

Among other things.

I can't believe how long it's taken me to get set up with my Verizon Fios tv, for pete's sake!  Sunday they installed my boxes - and let me pause here to say the tech arrived a full 45 minutes BEFORE the promised time, history in the making!  Monday I discovered I didn't get the DVR feature as I was sure I ordered, but maybe there was a communication breakdown.  Tuesday I took one of my boxes to the Verizon store and traded for a DVR box, then discovered I'm not satisfied with the package I ordered.  Having to upgrade from "Custom" to "Preferred".  At this point I'm still waiting for the upgrade to kick in *sigh.*


Oh yes, sailing On Ringo Lake.

I'm still putting together the units I need to make the blocks.

At this point I haven't started on the last step, which I think is making the sashing units.

Managed to make six blocks so far though, these is them!

Still cutting the shapes I need from 3-1/2" strips, using my Easy Angle ruler.

I love the coral/peachy fabrics I have but I look forward to putting them aside, I'll add lots of scraps to my abundance. 

I like this pokie-dottie piece though!

Meanwhile, I've been neglecting my wee churn dash blocks, waah!  I'll be glad to get back to them, I'm so close to finishing all the blocks I need.

But I want to finish sailing on Ringo Lake first, lest it become a *whispering* UFO. 

That's it for now, I hope you enjoy reading my post, I got up at 0 dark :30 to make it - that's 6:30 for normal, unretired people!  Sew forth and sew on til later ...

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The first week of the New Year

... in which Linda takes a break from marathon sewing!

It was fun diligently pecking along with the On Ringo Lake mystery, but when the clues started coming fast and furious - and when the final quilt was unveiled - I realized I'd been under a big ole sewing crunch!  You know the kind, where your shoulders hunch up to your ears and you sew sitting on the edge of your seat with your teeth gritted ... well, not really, but you get the idea!

I decided to give myself a wee break, but not before I sewed one of the blocks together.  Looking good!

Most of the pieces and parts for this step of the mystery-that's-not-a-mystery-anymore are waiting on the sidelines, to be picked up again in a coupla days.  However, you can check out what everybody else has done on the ORL Mystery Monday linky.

Meanwhile I've been doing real life things, including digging through my scraps to find pieces for these paper-pieced flying geese that I've been sewing, off and on, for a few years.  They're wonky, designed in EQ, and will finish at 1-3/4 or 2 inches by 3 inches, same width but different heights. Eventually I'll probably use them as a border treatment, but right now it's just in the sewing stage, using up some of the many small scraps I've latched onto!

I also changed carriers for my TV service from DirectTV to Verizon, which also carries my phone and internet.  Year before last I bought an Amazon Fire Stick; at some point this month DirectTV will no longer support YouTube on my TV, and since that's one of the main reasons I bought the Fire Stick - well, they gotta go!

It's probably all for the best anyway, since now I'll have everything bundled and save $$!

My new Verizon Fios boxes that came Friday night are scheduled to be installed today "between 12 and 2,"  Regardless, DirectTV will disconnect me at midnight - work with me please, gotta have my TV!

Can you hear me now??

Sew forth and sew on