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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More cleaning

Some of the abandoned items I've been finding bring back memories... such as my first quilt - a Trip Around the World made in a Quilt in a Day class at G Street Fabrics.

I remember getting together with two friends who were as clueless as I was, so this must have been before the hand piecing class in my last blog.  The other two ladies - Brenda and Kitty - decided they really weren't interested in quilting after all! 

I put some really puffy batting in this thing!  I tried doing stitch in the ditch and it kept shifting because I hadn't basted it.  This picture shows the edge ... believe it or not the little skinny red piece is supposed to be the outer border!

Here's a little Christmas wall hanging I never did finish, at this point I have no idea when I did it.  It looks like I must have basted it, but I put it onto a polyester batting with muslin on the back.  I haven't used poly batting for a very very long time, so I almost know how old this is.  Maybe I'll take it off that batting and finish it, why not use it as the center of my Christmas quilt??

And this one can be a hanging if I go ahead and square it up and quilt it.  Once again, I was going to use a poly batting, but it's just sitting atop the batting so I don't have to take any basting out.  The center blocks are strips of African fabric; the sashing fabric looks almost blue but it's a funny shade of black.  I don't think I have any more of that particular black, but it doesn't matter... I can border this with African fabrics.


  1. Oh I remember when I started out and batting was batting and little did I know. Now I am a fan of thinsulate. I buy it on the bolt and piece it but I have heard they make it in batt sizes. I like it for hand quilting because it doesn't shift at all. In a pinch I can even baste it with safety pins.
    It also comes in different lofts and is warm. If I had any money I might buy shares in 3M.

  2. Great quilt, Linda!

    My VERY first quilt was a Trip Around the World, using 2 books... Quilt in a Day, and a miniature quilt book.

    Yep, mine is a mini, and it's got all those teensy calicoes that I thought 20 years ago were "quilting fabrics."

    Mine is so off, so "un-square" and I very nearly used the photo in my post today, so I chuckled when I saw your post about the same quilt! And it was your first, too! : D

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Ronda in the other Washington


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