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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you have enough fabric?

Maybe a little too much??  We did a survey in my guild to see what your first clue is when you just aren't sure whether or not you have too much fabric. Some of the hilarious results are below:

You KNOW you have too much fabric when...

  • you can't get into your guest room and your guest has to sleep in YOUR room.
  • you have to buy more storage bins to store it -- and you can't find the right bin when you need it.
  • all you do is organize it -- fold and refold.
  • JoAnn's refers customers to YOUR house.
  • you have it stacked by the bed and you pray it doesn't fall over on you as you sleep.
  • you have to sneak in fabric so your family won't see it.
  • you realize that your fabric stash is larger than your underwear drawer.
  • church folks visit on Thursday, then on Sunday the pastor praises you for running a fabric distribution center, and not seeking credit.

  • you run out of places to hide it from yourself in your house.
  • you like the fabric so much, you spend all your time washing and pressing it instead of sewing it.
  • you keep buying the same fabric over and over.
  • you have a fabric stash in your car.
  • you have every piece of fabric shown in "show n tell".
  • you have a JoAnn's credit card that's in collection.
  • you get home from fabric shopping, loosen your belt and give a lady-like burp.
Is that you?  Oh my goodness, send help!!


  1. Soooo funny. If I passed them all but the underwear drawer, can I go get more?

  2. I needed a good laugh!! I hate for you to suffer so send me the fabric on your bed so you can sleep peacefully:)

  3. I can so relate - I used to leave the bags in the trunk of the car until my husband went to work!


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