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Monday, January 3, 2011

Friendship block

I found this handy-dandy "tool" at my local Dollar store, two plastic mats that are meant for chopping veggies.  I like to slip one between my fabric and pattern when I'm laying out my applique designs because they're easy to see through.  To keep the pieces from shifting, when I get it all laid out I just pick up the mat and transport the entire thing to the ironing board.  You really can't iron on this mat (ask me how I know!), but I think it's handy because the block slips off really easy.

I haven't been able to get any sewing done for a couple of days, but yesterday I made a block for a friend whose sister passed away recently. I was inspired by the opening scene from The Color Purple where Celie and Nettie are playing in a field of purple flowers, just enjoying being sisters.  

I traced the entire piece on fusible, then I fused it to a piece of black Moda Marbles by Patrick Lose.  I really like that fabric!  I buy it by the bolt. 

The good news is, I was able to limit the number of pieces to 3 large ones and 4 little ones (the strips on Nettie's blouse).  So basically, you're looking at 7 pieces of fabric!  I typed "Sisters" in WordPerfect at 200 points, then I just printed it out and traced it onto fusible.

I think it came out nicely!



  1. It looks great! A very fitting gift... Love it!!!
    I hope to try some Silhouette applique some time soon too...
    Thanks for your visit to my blog!! 8-)


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