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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow on top of us, get ready to dig out... or in

Four inches?  Six? Ten??  Well, it's anybody's guess because the weatherman sure doesn't know.  We got SNOW and at this posting it's still coming down, a far cry from our 40 degree weather Tuesday.

We had snow on the ground when I got up, that they said would turn into rain (but they forgot to put the word freezing in front of it)!  Because of the 4-10 inches expected to start by evening rush hour, around 11:30 OPM notified government agencies we were excused 2 hours before our normal time. Yeah, right. I left at noon.

At this posting, a lot of people are still trying to get home, some of them left work at around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Multiple accidents, running out of gas, buses and 18-wheelers stuck, sliding backwards on hills, the Beltway a parking lot...   It's a nightmare out there, I feel bad for those people!

I took these pictures from my carport at the back of my house around 8:30 pm.  The lighting in the alley makes it look like daytime.

The one below is at the front of my house, looking at the snow-covered cars. 

This all accumulated in the last 5 hours, I have no idea how many inches we got. They're saying it will all start to come to an end in the next hour, but that doesn't help the people still stranded out there, I hope they get home safely. 

Well, that's my rant; I told my team leader not to expect to see my face on Thursday, I'll be working from home.

Update 6:15 am:
Most people made it home last night but a lot were stranded on the roads for 12-15 hours.  The snow DID stop but because of the abandoned vehicles and accidents, it's hard for the snow plows to clear some areas.  Thousands are without power, mainly because of trees falling on power lines.  DC government is closed, lots of schools closed today, Federal government on a 2-hour delay with an unscheduled teleworking option. 

It's not that we can't handle snow, it's just that this one hit so hard and fast.  Right now the temp is in the 30's with highs going up to near 40.


  1. Unh Oh, My son is in D.C. too. And your pictures look so much like his neighborhood with an ally behind and similar streetfront. I love to visit in the summer and enjoy museums and botanical garden etc. but even without snow, the traffic is awful.
    Keep warm!

  2. I heard that your area would get the storm that missed us but you never know if it really happens. Now I know it did!

  3. UG! We got slammed in Connecticut with snow too, almost 18" AGAIN. I'm tired of shovelling, although it is very beautiful. I think we need to head to an island somewhere warm! Wish we could!


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