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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Junk is important too...

I got an interesting "package" in the mail yesterday!  The post office damaged a piece of my mail and they very carefully taped it back together and placed it inside this nice plastic envelope that had a ready-made, three-paragraph apology printed on the outside. 

They very sincerely apologized for damaging my mail during handling, apologized all over the place because they realize my mail is important to me, I have every right to expect it to be delivered in good condition, yadda yadda yadda.

The kicker is -- it was a piece of junk mail!  You can't see it here, but it was ripped in four pieces that someone very  c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y  taped back together before putting it into the envelope. 
Bless em!

I have this "thing" about eating green leafy veggies but sometimes I get plain tired of eating a salad, you know what I mean?  At lunch time I eagerly trot into the caf at work hoping to get a hot vegetable... it's a bit frustrating when all they have to offer is mashed potatoes and peas, broccoli if you're lucky. 

I've started fixing my own lunch when I have leftovers.  I like this combo - 1/2 cup brown rice in a bowl topped by 1 cup spinach, with a bit of cheese over that, topped by chicken meatballs. 

I found the chicken meatballs at Costco, they are actually pretty good. Teriyaki with pineapple, ginger and garlic.  I nuke the whole thing about 3 minutes, the cheese melts into the spinach and I'm all set.  I have my starch, green leafy, and protein all in one dish!  I also like their Tequila Lime chicken slider patties.

Did you notice my new counter at the top on the right?  My retirement is fast approaching, woot-woot!  A friend of mine retired on December 30 and did a "victory" exit - went directly to Disney World the next day!  Now that's style!

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  1. I missed this post yesterday! WOW! Retirement! How exciting! How does that feel??? You seem MUCH too young to be retired!

    ~ Ronda


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