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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Never can say goodbye

Three things to be happy about:
(1) hardwood floors
(2) focusing your attention
(3) an old song on the radio

I had the tv on NBC 4 (as usual, tv had only a percentage of my attention) when they were doing a shpiel with Neil Diamond while his song "Sweet Caroline" played in the background.  It reminded me of a night on the cruise when the emcee in the Orpheum theater (don't ask me his name, it was the night "Juicy" from Philly did her thing!) was singing "Sweet Caroline."  At the chorus, the audience had to sing "bomm-bomm-bomm!" 

Sweeeet Caroline, bomm-bomm-bomm!  ahhhhhhh, I need another cruise! 

Yesterday when I posted the picture of all the leftover blue trimmings going in the trash, I looked at the pile and said "wait a minute, let's not get too hasty here!"  I started pawing through that pile and I was finding some usable pieces, shoot!  Lookit that bounty!

You have regular yardage, then scraps, then crumbs.  As some of you know, I use crumbs to make large pieces of  "scrap yardage"... my interpretation of a crumb may not be the same as others but that's okay - I understand Wednesday was dubbed as "No Judgement Day!"

I was able to make a lot of little crumb blocks like these...

then I kept sewing and attaching to each other and sewing more, until I ended up with three good-sized pieces of scrap yardage!

aren't these great?

I can cut up these pieces (just like "regular" yardage) to make units for blocks or applique shapes - flowers work really well with these.  See the "South of Baltimore" blocks that I did in August; the flower units were all made from scrap yardage! 

A lot of people may not have the patience to work with such small pieces and they just toss them out, but I like doing it.  It's another of those automatic things you can do without having to give it much thought... you get some sewing done - and you get your fabric fix! 

So, what size comes after crumbs??  Cooties!  I keep mine in a jar...

Sew forth and sew on


  1. What a stellar idea! I never would have thought about that! Thanks for the suggestion. What do you do with cooties? Iron them on muslin with mistyfuse to make confetti fabric?

  2. I'm laughing!!! The cooties are just a little decoration for my shelf :o)

  3. I saved my trims, too - for later play. Love the cootie bottle - gotta have one of those!

  4. Great made fabric. I looked back at the South of Baltimore and I really like it. Great idea using made fabric for it.

  5. Great scrap yardage! I kind of started to do that and then thought...what am I doing this for? Well, now I know that I don't have to know what it's for just that I should continue to sew the pieces together! Thanks for the inspiration. LOVE your cootie jar! LOL

  6. BFF, I saw that blue pile and I asked what you plan to do with them. Because I was coming to dive in your dumpster for the blue scraps. LOL!! Glad to know I can save a trip to the dumpster.

  7. I was thinking of your little scrap pile today as I was chopping up my scraps to use in the + and x blocks. I don't have anything bigger than one inch left over so I couldn't use the bits as you did but I gave it a thought.


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