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Monday, August 15, 2011

South of Baltimore

I'm glad everybody enjoyed sharing our cookout yesterday, I wish you all could have been there with us.  Kathy, I'll be sure to sit next to you when crab-eatin' time comes  LOL.  Debbra, save the date for next year!

Lately it seems everywhere I turn I either see Baltimore album blocks or I hear someone mention Baltimore album blocks.  Since I've been playing on the 15 minute blog,  I wondered to myself, "what would scrap yardage look like in a Baltimore album block?" 

So... I drafted a Baltimore album-type block using lids from three different sized containers to draw the flowers; I thought I'd try flowers, just to see if I liked doing it.

This isn't from any special pattern, it's off the top of my head.

Then I pulled some red and green and yellow scraps and sewed together a few pieces to use for the flowers and leaves


I decided to use a brown rather than green fabric for the stems, for no particular reason ...

phooey, it's off-center.  oh well

I ironed fusible web onto a large piece of brown fabric and cut 1/4" strips, then fused them down on a 15-1/2" background square.

Now ... before we go any further ... I know this is not the "traditional" way to do a Baltimore album block so don't y'all get mad at me!  :O*( 

I traced the pattern pieces onto fusible web, then I pressed the fusible to the back of my scrap yardage.  I cut out the pieces and stitched them onto my background square using a raw-edge applique.

Ta-daa!  A "South of Baltimore" album block! 

This won't win any contests but I actually like the way it turned out; I'm going to try out a few more designs! 

Now that I look at it, maybe 15" is a bit large?  I wonder if I used a 12" background and made the pieces smaller...

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. ppppffffffftttttt @ contests.....highly over rated! It is lovely and I am one step closer to making a Baltimore thanks to seeing your lovely block!

  2. How fun! I see no problem with a different interpretation or even larger blocks. My Mom likes working on 15" - even 18" blocks.

  3. How do people grow without new interpretations or ideas....good for you!


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