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Monday, December 26, 2011

Orca Bay progress

Two things to be happy about
(1) (2) Christmas toes!

I like wearing fun socks at Christmas time, I try to get a new pair every year.  Face it, this is the only time of year most of us can were socks like these without getting strange looks!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends!

I got some piecing done yesterday and Saturday on my Orca Bay blocks!  When I was lining them up I thought these looked like party poppers, so I had to get a shot -

aren't they cute?  I can see how the patterns in my black and neutral fabrics are working this design!

I finished all the stars with neutral backgrounds; here are my black ones so far:

It's almost as if the Ohio Star blocks are wearing tuxedos - moving right along!

You can see my other posts on Part 6 here and here.  Also, visit the Mystery Monday link up page to see other quilters' progress, there's lots to see!

I'm also working on the pattern (still!) for my Wonky House swap, I'll share some pictures next time.

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Glad to know my Christmas feet have company. Stars are looking great!

  2. oooh, I can see this design coming out. I think this will be a fun quilt. And yes, nothing beats Christmas Toes!

    be blessed!

  3. The Ohio Stars are turning out wonderful. I'm still behind but I hope to catch up soon.

  4. Fantastic blocks...Cool socks too!

  5. Nice feet! and the Ohio Stars are looking beautiful. Such fun!

  6. Ha! They DO look like party poppers!
    Cute!! Will have to remember that for another quilt in the future!
    : )

  7. Great start blocks for the mystery! I'm still working on clue 5 :)

  8. love the Christmas socks and the stars. Your fabrics have so much color and fun in them.

  9. I have enough Christmas Socks to last all month. This year I even got some that have the Nativity on them. I wear crazy socks all year, I like them for all seasons and holidays. Almost time to get out my Hearts socks... Your Orca Bay is looking great!

  10. Love the socks! Oh, and your blocks are great too. ;-)


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