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Friday, December 23, 2011

While I was sleeping...

"the Bon" posted the next step in the Orca Bay Mystery!   It was her Christmas present to those of us swimming along in the Orca pod - thanks Bonnie!

I'm not done with Part 5 yet but I wanted to get my feet wet in the new step and I'm glad I did!  In this part we're to cut 2-1/2" squares from reds, blacks, and neutrals, then use them with the hour glass units we made in Part 1 to create Ohio stars.  I went to my 2-1/2" strip bin (as if I were going to find anything in there - hah!  I haven't even been cutting strips on a regular basis) and found only a pitiful few strips in black, and even fewer neutrals...
Oh well... I'll have to use what I've got, then cut some more!

I grabbed some scraps and yardage, and started cutting

just enough to get started.

and the blocks turned out wonderfully! 

aren't they the cutest? 

Now that I've got my fix for the new step, I'll continue with part 5...
I still have a number of little winglets to put on my HST blocks. 

I have no idea how many I did or how many are left to do, I'll just keep going til I finish!

You can check other progress by going to the Mystery Monday linkup on the Orca Bay Mystery page.  Lot's of good eye candy to see on there!

I mentioned before that my neighbors on one side had sold their house... so Monday the workmen started doing renovations over there - around 8 a.m., eeeyowww!  

I had gotten in the habit of sleeping til 9 o'clock unless I felt wide awake or had to get up for a specific reason, for pete's sake!  When I saw one of the men going in there on Tuesday I asked him if he knew how long the renovations would take... between his English and my Spanish, I still don't have a clue.

They're doing some heavy duty stuff, there's a lot of debris being tossed out into the back yard; this is what it looks like so far... and you can't even see what's back in the carport area.

Two doors down (see the deck?) they've also been doing renovations, started sometime in late October.  That deck was put in while I was away in early November.  They just put in a sliding door yesterday and they're working on the den and kitchen, who knows how long it'll take.  Bang! ba-bang bang! all day long...

Someone asked how much I spent on my little jaunt to Hancock's... according to my receipts (yep - I got the fabric then waded back in for the other stuff!) I spent close to $54, and saved $99.  I'll use the Sulky thread for quilting, I like the subtle sheen it gives the quilt. 

Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Have a great Friday.

Sew forth and sew on

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  1. yay, I did my orca blocks too yesterday, EASY clue, it was great


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