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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Foto-finish Saturday - Holiday Decor

This week's Foto Finish theme is "Holiday Decor"

Yesterday evening a friend and I visited Brookside Gardens in Wheaton, Maryland, to view their walk-through holiday light show, now in it's 15th year. 

According to their brochure, the display has close to 1 million lights shaped in displays such as a flock of flying geese, an 11 foot giraffe, and the four seasons.  It was a very interesting display, the walk-thru took about a half hour.

I saw some designs that made me go "awwwww", such as this loch ness monster with her wee babe, complete with sound effects.  Her name is "Nessie" and she floats atop a sea of blue lights...

Close by was her friend; we couldn't decide if it was a poipoise or a dolphin...

... lets assume it's a dolphin, since I'm not sure how to spell the other word!

There were so many other displays that were really beautiful to look at, but when I took a picture it lost A LOT in translation.  It's tricky trying to photograph bright lights - the pictures just looked like unidentifiable globs, so I didn't even bother to save em.  I think we can recognize this as a beehive though. See the little bee in the corner?

There was a polar bear pulling a wagon that the kids could sit on for a picture, a lovely gazebo that in real life is used for weddings, clusters of grapes hanging from trees, a gigantic giraffe, flowers, squirrels chasing each other up a tree, a rainbow.  This moon came out pretty good though...

At about the halfway point we went into the hospitality center to warm up a bit, where the Rockville Swing Band was preparing to perform.  And wonder of wonders, the saxophone player was someone who used to work at my agency!  Small world.

And speaking of small, inside the Conservatory there was a train display set up, complete with a tiny village. 

It was a very attractive display, we saw lots of parents with kids and they were having a ball.  The entire conservatory was well laid out and cleverly decorated.  It was all about lights though; not much of a nod to Christmas.

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  1. And all this time I was picturing you at home sewing like crazy! Two years ago we saw great light displays at the Portland zoo. Yes, taking pictures of lights at night is a wee bit tricky.

  2. Oh wow! What fun! I'm amazed by these. It's almost impossible to get lights like this without a tripod, so I'm impressed. Thanks for sharing?

  3. Great photos, I also find night time photography to be a challenge as I don't feel like using a tripod either.

  4. Magic - I still remember fondly the fabulous light show we saw at Disneyland a little over four years ago.

  5. It looks like a great light show but I think I'd be most fascinated by the train setup. Great photos though. I find it hard to take pictures of lights. I get mostly glare.

  6. Neat light displays and nice photos.
    Nite photos give me problems and I don't always get the result I want.
    Thanks for sharing.


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