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Saturday, December 24, 2011

updates, updates

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a gift for drawing
(2) baked sweet potato
(3) poppy seed pastries

Actually, I don't care for poppy seeds and I since I was in the drug abuse testing pool at my agency, I try to avoid em whenever I can!  However, I do like baked sweet potatoes and I was very disappointed Thursday when I looked for potatoes at Costco ... and they didn't have any!  No worries, I can get some at Giant  :o)

I'm loving these Ohio stars in the Quiltville Orca Bay mystery!  They're so perky with that spark of red in the center, and I like the mix of colors and patterns I used in the neutrals.

I completed this stack of 15 blocks with the light backgrounds for this step - only 13 more lights to go, then I'll do the black ones!

It's interesting that some of the fabrics I used in the hourglass blocks won't work as well (in my opinion) when I cut them as 2-1/2" squares - for example, the blue on white looked a little too "blue" in the larger size, so I eliminated that fabric in this step.  There was also a white-and-black pattern I wasn't too crazy about in the larger size. 

I still have to finish my winglets in Part 5, I'm sure I can do that before the next part is posted.

And now an update on the construction going on in the house next to mine - I live in a rowhouse so I can hear each hammer thud, especially if it's on the near side of the rooms; it's almost like living in an apartment!

At this point they must have finished all the tearing away they have to do, a container was delivered late yesterday morning to take away the construction debris.   

The shear amount of trash surprises me because the house was remodeled top-to-bottom in 2006... so there should not have been that much stuff to deconstruct in that house.  The asking price for the house was $399,999, and if the new owner is a contractor who plans to flip the house, how much is he willing to put into it before he sells?   I'm sure he didn't pay that much because there was a three-week negotiation period, but still...

Who knows what, anyway?

It took three men almost an hour to load up all the trash (along with a little something I snuck in there after they left Thursday night), then the driver returned and lifted it onto the truck with his hydraulic thingie.

He unrolled a canvas over all the stuff and was on his merry way, talking on his cell the whole time.


I took all the pictures (except the first one) hanging out my second story window, who knows what was flying around in the air?  So now you know all about construction debris being piled up, loaded and hauled away, probably a lot more than you wanted to know!   

As you can see, sometimes it doesn't take much to hold my interest, especially if I need a break from sewing.

Sew forth and sew on

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  1. yours look great, I have that problem with the squares too, I use blue and some are dark, some are light, I don't like the light blues now, oh well


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