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Monday, December 19, 2011

The wings of an angle

Yep, I meant to say angle, not angel

On Friday Bonnie released Part 5 of the Quiltville Orca Bay mystery, we're moving right along!  This time we're to add half-square triangle "wings" to the white part of the black and neutral half-square triangle units we pieced in Part 3. 

I'm using the Easy Angle ruler to make my cuts, I think I'm friends with it by now!  I cut gobs and gobs of HST's from 2" black strips

neatness doesn't count, thank goodness!

I sewed a few units together to make sure my seams are behaving... they are

It feels really really good when my seams are right and things line up!  Look at how straight that long edge is!  As Barney Fife would say "See how Baby just lies in her cradle!?"

So, since Friday I've done about a dozen blocks, only 338 to go - progress is a good thing!

You can visit the Monday Mystery Link Up on the Quiltville blog to see what everybody else is doing, there are probably hundreds of people working on all parts of the mystery.  Some people are using different color combinations than Bonnie used, there are some very pretty combinations to look at!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Love the colors in your black triangles! I've been hesitant to add in black with color but I think I might try it (I'm running out of options anyway).

  2. I wish I had blacks with colors in them ! Yours look really good, i"m sure they will work in well for the final result

  3. Hi Linda, your triangles are such fun to look at. You're making good progress. I am babysitting today and won't be able to get sewing until tomorrow.

  4. Thanks, one and all! I think I only have two pieces of black that has nothing else in it - one is a tone-on-tone and the other is a Moda marble. I looked closely at Bonnie's blacks and decided I had a whole slew I could use... if enough of that black background is showing, it's officially black!

  5. Great patterns in your blocks! I really like using the Easy Angle ruler too!

  6. I have just learned to like the Easy Angle. It sure makes this piecing a lot easier.

  7. Your black fabrics sure are fun! I got a kick out of you saying you are becoming friends with the Angle ruler -- me too. lol. Owned it for ages, but now like you, I am finally using it.
    This mystery is forcing some new tricks and learning to use unfamiliar tools. I love it.
    You have a great blog! I had a fun visit here.

  8. Hey, wait a minute! Aren't you supposed to be a Slow Poke?


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