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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Feeling... 10 percent

You ever have a day that just made you grin?  Me too!

Yesterday I couldn't resist calling the local Hancock Fabrics to see if they were still open, I wasn't sure if they were closed or not ... the person answering the phone said "Yes, but today's the last day!"  So, with me being me, I hopped on over to see what I could see...

I saw "stuff" at 90% off! 

I got the rest of their quilter's between needles, sizes 8, 9 and 10, at 22 cents a package.  A wooden hand presser for 39 cents; an Omnigrid offset square template and two of those ruler handle suction thingies for 69 cents each; three packs of self-adhesive Needle Grip-It dots for 44 cents each! 

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Sulky and Mettler threads for 40 cents each...

These books had been marked down to $2.00, so I got them for 20 cents!  Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs has been out there awhile but I never made one of her quilts, and I didn't have a book.  I didn't mind paying 20 cents for these three - I got Books 1, 2, and 3 in the series!  And the two snowman books had some cute patterns, so I figured why not.

But the real coup was the fabric; check these out!

I thought these little aliens were so adorable!  I was drawn to the bright colors in it, they'll look great in a child's quilt.  I like words, so the fabric on the bottom had to come home with me!

I don't usually buy Halloween fabric but I got these!  The top and bottom ones can qualify for black if I want to... I like the soft purple shade of the one in the middle, so I had to get it!  The first two are from the M'Liss Halloween Magic line, you can get a closer look at the top one here.  The purple is probably discontinued.

More words!  Patriotic words such as freedom, strength, liberty, USA, honor ... and the softer color has baby words such as adorable, muffin, angel face, sweet thing and little pea pod.  I like the first and third bolts because they're neutrals, I was drawn to that bright blue color of the second one.  The brown one is a child's print and is listed as a novelty with dino words ... big scary teeth, dino land, munch, dinosaur footprint.  It's saying all these things but the little characters are grinning.  Whatever.

Oh, did I mention I purchased these by the bolt?  And that the bolts were $3 each?  Yes!!!

If the bolt didn't have at least 4 yards on it I didn't get it, but believe me it was flying off the shelf!  Some of the fabric, such as the purple Halloween fabric, was originally $8.99 a yard, so I got a really good deal!  Upholstery fabric was going for 50 cents a yard; I don't know what the minimum cut was but some customers were getting the entire bolt.

Now you know why I was grinning about feeling "10 percent!"  If I were a smoker... I swanee I would have rared back, crossed my legs and lit a lonnnnnng cigarette!

I said once before that I wasn't going back to Hancock's because I have enough fabric, but I really mean it this time - it's closed down.

Sew forth and sew on


  1. oh wow you hit the jackpot!! $3 a bolt and patterns for 20 cents, I like turning twenty :-)congrats! I want to know you total for that day!

  2. I'm sorry your local Hancock's is closing, but how great to hit those sales! Those sound like the best prices ever.

  3. Wow, what deals! I would be grinning too...for days!!

  4. OH!! what a lucky duck to have found such great deals!! I guess, I have to come clean! and say...


  5. Great deals, My name is Peggy and I am in your Wonky House swap group. Here is my flicker Photos
    I'm looking forward to the fun start Jan. What do you use the Sulky thread for? Machine quilting?


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