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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wonky house swap blocks

Three things to be happy about:
(1) garlands of evergreen
(2) a short grocery list
(3) baked sweet potatoes

I see we've reached our 200th follower, yaaaaay!!  Thanks for joining, we're always glad to scoot over and make room for one more!!

When I was growing up mama used to bake sweet potatoes fresh out of our field and we'd eat them with just butter, and man were they good.  She'd go out with a large spoon and dig them up; I don't know how she knew which ones were ready, but she did!  You're probably wondering what this has to do with wonky houses?  Just indulge me for a bit...

In Costco last month I was about to get a box of sweet potatoes when the restock clerk standing there says "Wait!  Take one from off the bottom, I just put em up!"  He was nice enough to pull one out for me, and when I got them home I knew they were the real deal because they still had a little dirt on them.  I baked up some and man, were they good!  Juicy and sweet!  I just added some butter and cinnamon and it was almost a meal in itself. 

Thanks for indulging me!

I joined the Wonky House Swap sponsored by Jane's fabrics and quilts, and I'm really excited about doing these.  I like wonky houses and I like bright fabrics, so that combination is a win-win for me!  If you think you want to join, you can go to the swap page by clicking the wonky house icon on the right, she's still looking for a couple more signups!

We're using bright fabrics in these and I started pulling fabrics, just to see which direction I want to go in. 

Here are some yellows and oranges
I got that lovely yellow piece on the right when I went to Lancaster in October.  I knew I needed it!

Reds and pinks...
I got the piece on the far right last week at the Hancock Fabrics that's closing.  I had to buy two yards minimum but at 70% off, it's all good!

Blues and greens...
again, the piece on the right is from Hancock Fabrics, same 2-yard-minimum deal.  Since it's a Christmas design, I got it 80% off.  It's from the M'Liss line.

Those are examples of fabrics I might use - or I might not - depending on what the block is asking for!  Sometimes I don't know what I'll do til I start working on it.  Make sense?

I'll use some of the patterns from this quilt I made in 2008 (A House of a Different Color), I just have to redraft the blocks to a larger size.

This quilt has three different houses, and a church.  I made some of the houses with different roof treatments so they look like entirely different blocks.  For example, the second and third houses in the second row (and the second house in the third row) are the same house, but with different roofs. 

So that's part of what I'll be working on for the next few weeks; the houses are due to Jane no later than March 1!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Baked sweet potatoes are regular winter fare in Japan, A guy goes around with a push cart. It has a place for building a fire in the lower level and a bin of stones above. The potatoes are put among the stones and baked. I was coming up the subway stairs and could smell the baked potatoes from the bottom. as I got closer and closer to the top, the smell got stronger and stronger. Sure enough, outside the entry to the station was the guy with his cart. Oh, a nice warm potato in each pocket and a snack with a bit of butter when you get home. We eat them skins on.
    I'm amazed at your run on projects!

  2. Baked sweet potatoes ALWAYS make me happy. mmmmm good.

    I love that yellow piece of fabric from Lancaster.

  3. Oh, I much rather have a sweet potato - yup, butter and a lite sprinkle of cinnamon - yummo! Love all the pretties laid out, what fun houses they will make.

  4. Love baked sweets. Call me crazy but I like em plain or cut up and oven baked as fries or cubes with salt, pepper, and olive oil.

    One of my favorite sides...

  5. I've had those house and church stencils for years. Seeing yours makes me want to get them going.


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