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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Handy at half the price

Three things to be happy about:
(1) Christmas lights twinkling
(2) the feel of fleece
(3) hiding under the covers

If you wake up, turn over and snuggle back under the covers for another snooze, does that count as hiding?  I mean, if you're alone??  Never mind, let's not go there!

Yesterday after my doctor's appointment I was on my way to Wheaton Plaza (they renamed it "Westfield Shoppingtown" but to me it'll always be Wheaton Plaza) when I saw a Dollar Tree and decided to stop in and look for one of those 12x18 activity pads.  Now, some of you know Dollar Tree is my favorite dollar store - you can get some really good junk in there! 

They didn't have the pads, but they were  having a half-price sale on their Christmas stuff.  I'm not interested in getting any more Christmas decorations to dump in my basement, so it was easy to pass by that stuff without looking.  However, I did see something that grabbed my interest... cookie canisters!
These are 5 x 7-1/2, a great size to store some of my quilting notions in!  I picked up 4 of them, at 50 cents each. 

Thread fits in there really well; that 2-1/2" depth is perfect for the small spools of Sulky and Mettler.  Now I can use the container they were in for something larger.

I even put some of the triangular blocks from Part 5 of the Orca Bay Mystery in one, to see how they'd fit...

They snuggled right in; that's just 100 blocks, but I know I can get all 350 inside!  However, I have a "feeling" these will have to come back out on Friday... just sayin'.

I was attracted to these canisters because they're compact and can be stacked atop each other, to maximize my storage space

I think of these as another step in putting my sewing space in order.  

Sew forth and sew on


  1. These are really cute! And super price, too!! I love Dollar stores and can usually find some goodie (or two or more).

  2. Good job finding organization help!

  3. Boxes to brighten up your space....Dollar Store rocks!


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