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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Things that make you go "what the..."

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

This week they're supposed to be collecting leaves in my neighborhood, but what I saw yesterday had nothing to do with street cleaning or leaf collection.  To me it looked like a two-hour joy ride in government-owned equipment.

I heard the sweeper truck go by on my street and I looked out the door because it occurred to me I was hearing it for the third time

I thought to myself  "ah, they're cleaning up the leaves!"  (Notice the pile of leaves near the tree on the right.)

Then I heard the truck come through again for the 4th time.
(Notice the pile of leaves near the tree; the white package truck went away and the red car came and parked.)

I saw them turn at the end of the street and head about half a block to the clinic that's behind my house.  They sat in the parking lot for about 15-20 minutes then they were back again - they must have taken a coffee break. 

by this time my neighbor across the street and another one down the street were standing on their porches looking at the truck.

My street is one-way, so the truck would head to the end, make a right turn and drive through the alley behind my house. This went on about six more times, then they stopped for about an hour - they must have taken a lunch break.

Then I heard the truck yet again and I promise you it was the 14th (fourteenth) time.  Only this time I made it a point to let them see me taking a picture.  (Notice the black car that wasn't there before.)

When they noticed me taking a picture, they very carefully maneuvered the truck to the left and pretended to sweep the curb.  They didn't come back through again, probably picked another street to fool around on.  All those leaves are still there.

Meanwhile I was calling the mayor's citywide call center to speak to their department but I kept getting shuffled from one office to another til I just gave up.  With so many people needing jobs, I hate to see my tax dollars being thrown away!  I wish I had gotten the tag number, I'd have emailed the photo directly to the mayor; and if he didn't address the issue, I'd have sent it to Channel 7 news. 

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Now that that's off my chest - I finished Part 3 of Orca Bay, yes!!!

350+ half-square triangles!  Looking good!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Those HSTs look fabulous! Good on you for being proactive about the street sweeper.....You are not being a nut at all. :)

  2. ohhh, call AGAIN, that's absurd... or email this LINK!! ha ha, I'd email it to the news too - really...
    there's over 350 of the orca #3??? ohhhh, I'm only half way thru number 2, got back from vacation so playing catch up. check out my give away too on my blog

  3. I'd say those street sweepers were definitely 'farming it' - our street sweepers go by so quickly we hardly notice them - but they stop at every pile of leaves on the block. We can also get a 'chipper' to take care of larger trimmings. You are getting terrible service for your tax dollars - call that TV station!!!

  4. it's not right... I'd call again.

  5. That's crazy. I'd call or email again to report the waste of time gas and tax payer dollors.

    350? whoa. that's a lot of half square triangles. Looking good though.

  6. I probably would have gone out and swept them up with a rake and handed the drivers the bag as they went by. What a big fat waste of time and money and gas. (obviously they are not paying four bucks a liter for it).


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