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Friday, December 10, 2010

They also serve who sit and wait

That's what I had to do for the past two days at DC Superior Court. You see, I got my once-every-two-years call for jury duty, and I was "fortunate" enough to get picked for a trial.  I had an awfully long wait to get inside yesterday morning, standing outside in the cold for 35 minutes!  I swear to you, my face felt frozen, I could barely move my lips!  When I finally got inside there was only one scanning station at that entrance, the same entrance the judge himself suggested we use "because we stood a better chance of getting in quickly."  They were looking at every little thing and I was 5 minutes late getting to court, thank you very much Mr. Judge.  But the good news is, the trial is over and so is my service for another two years, yaaaay! This is how I felt when I got home yesterday evening:

"Getting to Town" mug by Annie Lee                           
 I didn't have whatever it takes to do anything quilty yesterday evening, so I thought I'd sort out my sewing room, there's always cleaning to do in there!  I pulled out these quilties that I got in a swap with my Guild last Christmas, I need to tie them into a book:

The one below, from my guild's Quiltie of the Month, is so cute I had to show him separately; it wasn't part of  last year's swap.  November's theme was, "Letters to Santa."

You probably can't read the writing but it says "Dear Santa, It was a dark and stormy night..."

Here's a little peek - the quilt I'm supposed to be quilting while I'm playing around on this computer:

Sew forth and sew on...

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  1. I can't leave your blog without commenting on this post, too!

    Adorable mug, LOVE the Snoopy letter to Santa, and your quilt is so so so so so so cool.

    Back to the knitting needles. Yes, I'd rather be quilting! : D

    ~ Ronda


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