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Friday, December 3, 2010


That's the time I saw on the clock radio when I accepted the fact that I wasn't getting any more sleep this morning, so I got on up.  My day starts at 4:15, I work four 10-hour days with every Friday off, so I'm off today, yaaaaay!!

I started cleaning my sewing room and found these 2 pieces of a long-forgotten angel under something:

 I think she'd make a cute wall hanging, I might give it a whirl today.  What do you think, is she a "day" angel...

or a "night" angel??

What do you think?

It's already 7 o'clock so I better get moving.  I have an eye doctor appointment today in Gaithersburg at 8:45, and there's a really bad backup on the Beltway because of an accident, so that's out.  No way will that be clear by 8:15 so it's the back roads for me!

Until later - Sew forth and sew on!

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