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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Binding and shivering

As he threw his head back in the chair, his glance happened to rest upon a bell.... It was with great astonishment, and with a strange, inexplicable dread, that as he looked, he saw this bell begin to swing.  A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
* * * * * * * *

Last night was my night for binding a quilt as I listened yet again to "An Echo in the Bone" by Diana Gabaldon.  I love that Outlander series, she has such a way with descriptions that I can feel myself right there, in 1775.  While I was sewing I could hear the wind woo-woo-wooing outside, it even sounded cold!

I made this star quilt using crumb pieceing for the star centers with "liberated" points; for added interest (or confusion!) I used different color backgrounds around the star points. Then, as if that weren't enough, I used a black-and-white wavy striped fabric for the sashing, with white-and-black cornerstones ... and the Three Stooges are nyuck-nyuck-nyucking around the borders. Didn't I know when to stop?? I made this quilt last April at a "sew-away" weekend in Deep Creek, Maryland.  This one is for my bed; I named it "A Star is Borne" because I had taken (or "borne") stars to a place they'd never been before.  They may never go there again...

For a laugh, I thought I'd throw in this news item about peopling airing their Festivus grievances in Adams Morgan, Wash. DC.  (Note: if you're seeing this several weeks after it was posted, it has probably been archived by News 4, so the link will be broken.)  If you were a Seinfeld fan, you might recognize Festivus as an alternative holiday that George Costanza's father celebrated, airing grievances he stored up all year.

As you can see, Washington DC has some of everything, but as for me, I celebrate Christmas the good old-fashioned way!


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  1. Oh, I love the busy-ness of this quilt! It is right up my alley. Why stop at one background color when you can add many!! I love the sashing fabric too.


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