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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting in the mood

Do you like my singing reindeer?  I think the music helps make this time of year especially special!  I won't annoy you with a music gizmo though ... sometimes I think if I hear the Christmas Shoes again I'll take mine off and throw it.  To each his own, though.  :O)

At the 2009 Scrapbagger's retreat (they're held every 2 years), one of the assignments Carolyn gave us was to create "ribbons" to swap with each other.  We were given a specific size range - width and length - of the ribbons, along with 3 pieces of fabric to include in each ribbon as we desired.  For example, the ribbon could be 24x4, 18x6, 20x3, 20x6... you get the picture. 

When I pulled these out yesterday I couldn't believe I've had them for almost 2 years(?!), and I haven't "found the time" to put them together into a quilt.  The way I laid them out, you can't see many details but they are all too pretty to not use.  It's generally understood that at the current retreat, you will have completed a quilt made from the block exchange of the previous retreat.  Time flies whether you're having fun or not!
Maybe after I see what the other ladies have done with their collections...?  yeah, right

Yesterday I got a navigation system installed in my car, which came with a blue tooth - I think it's way kewl!  I've never had a nav system before, so I had to test it out to see if I could trust it.  There was only one street it took me down that I rarely take (Georgia Avenue through Silver Spring) because it's so congested along that stretch, but I was game and went along for the ride.  I had to laugh earlier as I was tooling down 270 and I heard this voice (her name is Amy) say "you are exceeding the speed limit."  I said "everybody else is, too!"  Shoot, I was only going 5-6 miles over the limit, and people were whizzing past me like they were going to a fabric sale!

The blue tooth is way kewl!  If you get a call, the nav screen changes to show you (among other things) little phone icons - green for answering and red for ending the call.  It didn't like my phone being too close, so I put it in my purse to avoid that funny "byeeemp" sound.  I also got a lo-jack that I had to register when I got home, so I'm all set!

New car, new nav toy, "new" exchange blocks to play with ... I can feel the mood!


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