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Sunday, December 5, 2010

As Time Goes By...

Yesterday while I was chatting with my sister, we started trying to remember how long my parents had been married.  Neither of us know where their marriage certificate is, so the closest we can figure is that they married in 1938.  My father passed away in March 1969 and my mom passed in September 1995, so that makes it a 31-year marriage?  Wow, she outlived him by 26 years - lived withOUT him almost as long as she lived WITH him. 

This is a post card I made from an old photo of my parents, I must have been 6 months old when this picture was taken -- see the big grin on both their faces?  ;o)

It's kind of humbling to realize that my mom was younger in that photo than I am right now.  When that picture was taken, PC's hadn't been invented.  Oh there were computers, but they were probably as large as the room you're sitting in, nothing like we're using today.  That reminds me of when one of the "youngsters" came to work at my agency one summer and she didn't have her PC yet.  I told her "You know, back when I first started working [40 years ago], we didn't have PC's at all."  She replied in amazement, "But how did you get on the internet!??" 

Oh well, sew forth and sew on...


  1. It's so nice to look back and reminisce about the bygone days when you get together with family. Christmastime is especially nice to reunite with long-lost family.

    Nice post card and nice blog.

  2. It is wonderful that you have such a nice photo of your parents, especially with them smiling.

    The kids today, they can't imagine life without the internet. I just got internet service 10 years ago at age 60. They probably wonder how I survived, LOL!

  3. How funny! And what a sweet picture of your parents. They look so happy to be alive and with each other.

  4. What a wonderful post - and your folks do look very happy! Do you sew many fabric postcards?


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