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Friday, December 31, 2010

Am I ready?? No, I'm not!!

Hi there, Cheryl, I'm glad to see you.  I love your Rag Muffin dolls!

Well, I signed up for the 2011 UFO challenge sponsored by Nancy of Patchwork Penguin, here's my list:

(1)  Uneven 9-patch 
(2)  The Story of Christmas 
(3)  Christmas RR 
(4) House-in-the-middle RR
(5)  African ribbons 
(6a) Little Christmas tree 
(6b)  Snowman and Penguin 
(7)  Black and white sampler
(8)  African ribbons 
(9)  Raw edge drunkard's path 
(10)  School house

I listed African ribbons twice because that one has a lot of little pieces. 

Each month, January thru October Nancy will choose a number at random, and we're to work on the UFO associated with that number.  Well, January's UFO is ... #3!  Which happens to be my Christmas round robin.  I remember taking a border off that one to replace it because it had a food stain on it... here's what I have:
I never replaced the border and I swanee, I thought I had my stuff all together, I looked everywhere I could think of to find the rest of this piece. 

What you're looking at is the two outer borders, I have no earthly idea where the middle part is!  I know for a fact that it's NOT in the bathroom or the oven (see?  progress!)  So..... since this is a no-pressure challenge, I've made an executive decision to skip this one for right now, sooner or later I'll find the rest of it.

So that my searching was not in vain, while I was cleaning in my sewing room I found some leftover odds and ends that I assigned to the Parts Department, and I also found these New York Beauty blocks that I made from my time at About.com:

There was a large group of us working on this pattern, I don't think too many of us finished the entire quilt but we had fun with each other while we were working on it! 

I counted 15 of these blocks, I have no desire to make any more, so I'll put what I finished into a wall hanging.  In the photo below you can see how long I've had these!

Yesterday's weather was sunny and in the 40's, it felt really good outside.  Today is supposed to be in the 50's - heat wave!!


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  1. 15 blocks should make a pretty good size wallhanging. Good luck in finding the parts to your other quilt.
    Happy New Year!


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