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Monday, December 20, 2010

No to this, yes to that...

The Ghost stopped at a certain warehouse door, and asked Scrooge if he knew it.
"Know it!" said Scrooge. "Was I apprenticed here?"
They went in. At sight of an old gentleman in a Welsh wig, sitting behind such a high desk, that if he had been two inches taller he must have knocked his head against the ceiling, Scrooge cried in great excitement:
"Why, it's old Fezziwig! Bless his heart; it's Fezziwig alive again!" A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
* * * * * * * *
By now you're probably wondering how the quotes from A Christmas Carol tie into my blog post... the answer is "not at all!"  I just thought I'd quote Dickens just for the heck of it.

Yesterday after checking my email, I had to pat myself on the back for saying "no"... I said "no thank you" to 50% discounts at eQuilter; "nope" to Hancocks of Paducah; "nuh-uh" to The Cotton Club; "no way" to Thousands of Bolts!   I spent some time organizing, sorting, playing with the fabric I already have, so it was easier to say no.  Sort of like saying "no" to a slice of sweet potato pie while you have a mouth full of lemon pound cake.  Tempting, but you know you can really do without it.

I was able to say a big  "yes" though... I went out on another car hunt and found the style and color I wanted, signed the papers, yadda yadda yadda, drove the car home.  I had an embarrassing amount of stuff to transfer from the trunk and the inside of the old car.  Golly geez, I found a CD that went missing over a year ago!  Now, all that mess is in the trunk of my new car.  I only wish I hadn't been stoopid enough to fill my tank before I went out, though.  Today is my work-at-home day, so I may spend my lunch break clearing some of that stuff out of there.

I saw this picture the other day and it just about cracked me up!  It's probably on somebody's Christmas wish list for so many reasons...

Until later


  1. Hi Linda, that 'cell phone' pic just cracked me up!!! I'd so love to put a 'booth' around some of the public cell phone users - esp. the ones in stores that you can hear from wall to wall!

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Great pic! And so true.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Hmm....Something about old Fezziwig seems familiar.??? The cell phone pic is a hoot!


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