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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A little nonsense now and then...

At my agency I had done a significant amount of work on developing and launching a new web site for an office complex that we are building in Rockville, and I maintain it.  The web site is considered a "high visibility" project, since the complex will consolidate four satellite locations that are now scattered in Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland.  Sew forth and sew on. Because of that, a couple days ago I got a Special Act Award ... in the form of time off!  Now, this is practically mid-December, right?  I'm "this" close to having a use-or-lose leave balance - and I'm awarded with more time??!  The government works in mysterious ways to be sure.  So much for that nonsense.

Hi there Kyra, I'm glad to see you!  I was touched by the article you shared about Geraldine Zillions, what a brave lady!  You mentioned my postcard - I have more posted on the Uhuru web site, although I've gotten lazy and haven't made any lately!  From the main page, just click on postcards, or go here.  :o)

Last night I made these three ipod/camera holders, and I must say they turned out nicely!  The first one was slightly crooked, but I think that's okay because it's a cutie.  The loop turned out a bit on the large side though; I made a covered button for it with a little kit I got from JoAnne's.  When I sew buttons on the other two they'll be done - super easy!
For some reason mine look wider than the picture on the tutorial, and actually I think it'll be okay to make them a bit narrower - maybe by 1/2 - 3/4"?  My iPod looks lost in there! 

Here are a couple mug rugs I made before I got sidetracked by who knows what; the cute snowmen were fussy cut from yardage and appliqued to a white background.  The little tree is made from 3/4" strips of Christmas fabric - I just need to attach the binding and it'll be done.

I wasn't trying to make a flag but they sorta look like one, don't they.  In the next few days I'll make a few more iPod/camera holders, try to get the small quilt finished, work on my Brown Bag quilt...sew forth and so on...


  1. Well it sounds like you can have some guilt free days off before Christmas if you want them. It does seem like a free day to use next year would have been a better award though.

  2. So true, but a little cash would have been even better! That never expires :o)



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