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Monday, December 6, 2010

It's a Good Thing

Well actually, it's two good things.  The water filter on my kitchen faucet had started squirting water all over the place, so that was my first clue - I'd have to get another one.  So happens I was headed to Costco, so I picked up another PUR filter and installed it yesterday morning.  This one is a newer model than the old one, and it's really, really easy to install.  No more screwing the black thingy to the silver thingy ... you just hold down the faucet with one hand while pushing up the filter unit with the other hand, it clicks into place!

You're probably wondering about the FiberOne box in the picture?  Well, that's the other good thing!  I kept seeing the ads on TV, so I thought I'd try it because the fiber content was so high - 14 grams of fiber per half cup!  And, the Hungry Girl likes it.  Long story short, it's really tasty, I ate it with a tablespoon of raisins along with soy milk.  It's a good thing.

Here's one more challenge quilt from my guild (another good thing), this one completed in 2008.  Our country was in the midst of the presidential election, so the challenge was to create a quilt, wall hanging, wearable art, or some other patriotic-themed item.  The piece was to embrace some phase of the electoral process; it could reflect the issues, the candidates, the headlines ... it was our choice. 

I chose the Democratic donkey which I appliqued onto a neutral background, surrounded by stars cut from African fabrics.  The borders are just random strips of  fabrics in different widths, with a few masks that I cut from yardage.  The donkey seems to be looking over his shoulder, and I placed warrior figures along that edge of the quilt as if they were protecting him.  The quilt is 32 x 40, and I named it  "We Got Your Back."

Our patriotic-theme quilts hung in the newly-renovated Miller Senate Office Building in Annapolis, Maryland, for six weeks during January - February 2009. 

Sew forth and sew on.


  1. Love the quilt and the fabrics you selected..... they are so wonderful!


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