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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time... is on my side... yes it is!

It's always interesting at the beginning of a new month, when I can turn a new page on my calendar. Quite frankly, I spend a lot of time looking at all the pictures on a calendar before I buy it... I always tell myself  "now remember, you'll be looking at each picture for a month!"

Here are the pictures I'll be looking at this month:

This is an Aaron Douglas sketch for a mural design, circa 1940.  Douglas (1899-1979) was the American artist perhaps most closely associated with the Harlem Renaissance.  This calendar hangs on the wall near my PC, just above my printer.

This one hangs in my sewing room, directly above my sewing machine.  The picture title simply says "Ribbons"; it's by Shades Calendars, and it informs me that Harry Belafonte was born on this day (March 1) in 1927.  Happy 84th, Harry!

This one - you guessed it! - is in my kitchen.  It's a Lang calendar, and the picture is credited to Susan Winget.  The writing in the background says Thankfulness of Heart. 

This one's in the bathroom ... don't ask!  The inscription says "Dear Coffee, I love you."  And below her, alongside the makeup, it says "We all have our little secrets."  Ain't that the truth.  The pictures in this one are by Karen Good; I like her work..

The one at my office, which I didn't think to get a shot of, is by Annie Lee.  I try to get one of hers every year, in fact I have a set of four 17-oz coffee mugs with her drawings on them.  You have to be serious about your coffee to drink it from those mugs... and you have to be a government worker to get a refill!

A couple days ago, Sue at Snippets of My Life left this comment:  Your retirement meter says 98 days and counting down! Wow! I look forward viewing your blog after retirement when you can reclaim those 10 hours for your own creative endeavors.  (Go visit Sue! Give her some blog-gy encouragement!  Her blog is a month old and she has twins!)

When I look at that retirement meter I can't believe how fast the time is going.  I keep saying I'll have more time to quilt... my friend Renea, who retired December 31, keeps telling me I just think I will!  Her days seem to melt away and she doesn't know where the time goes.  But she's not the only one who tells me I'll be busier than ever - my sister Ruby used to say she was so busy she didn't know how she ever had time to work before retirement. 

So what do you look for in a calendar?  Do you lean towards pictures of quilts, or flowers, or kittens, or movie stars, or motor cycles, or ...? 


  1. When I retired from the State, I started counting down 2 years before! I found a 24 month calendar, hung it by my desk, wrote the #s of each month on each page,and crossed it out when each month passed. Very satisfying!

    As for calendars, I just finished one that showed treehouses..Loved the variety and uniqueness.

  2. I'm a retired state worker, too. No count down - medically retired after a work accident.

    My calendars - I got Suzi Parron's quilt barn calendar just for the pictures (I don't even have the current month showing-just my favorite photo), my home fuel heating company has a calendar that is by my computer - monthly receipe, pocketed for keeping monthly bills and receipts, and back has a budget form. I can keep all my records and end of each month you just fold it all up and ready for taxes,
    I have one quilt block a day pattern and one crossstitch a day pattern calendars- but they are for 'playing' not as a calendar

  3. This is Wendy in VA. We met at the quilt festival this weekend. I never kept a calendar when I worked. Somehow I kept my appointments straight in my head. But now that I am not working I have to keep a calendar. I have to write it all down now because I am so busy, doing the things I want to do.

  4. Thank you gracious lady for the shout out. Appreciate it! My calendar this month says "Happiness floats on every breeze" (Ellen Ellers) I look forward to breezes that are not -17 below windchill! (Minnesota). I have made quilts for my girls and will be posting them on my blog tonight!

  5. Hey Linda. Retirement is a ways off for me, but I keep dreaming. I have friends who are retired and they are more busy than ever. My mom retired and she is continuing to work (her choice) and traveling all over the place. You think you have found time, but it moves quickly. And just think about all of those projects...old and new.

  6. I forgot to respond about my calendars...I am an ocean lover, so all of my calendars are showing pictures of the ocean and/or ocean critters.


  7. Linda,
    I used to buy two calendars every year. One for work and one for my home office. I always looked for what I call "inspirational" calendars with monthly messages that inspired me but since I was laid off in 2008 I now opt for the free one that Ben Franklin hands out every December, ha, ha.

    Gail :)


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