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Friday, March 4, 2011

The cruise from H-E-double hocky sticks

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a weekend away
(2) tickets to a "big event"
(3) brunch goodies

I'm going on "the" Quilting in the Caribbean cruise with Bonnie Hunter and Pat Sloan in November, yaaaay!   Since I signed up last July I've been paying attention to cruising stuff on the news, or if someone I know is going, etc.  There have been a few stories on the news... for example, the ship that had an engine room fire and was stuck off the coast of San Diego with no power, no fresh food, no AC...  I felt bad for the passengers but I didn't "know" any of them. 

On the other hand, a co-worker went on a cruise sometime around February 16, and when she returned to work on Tuesday I emailed her to ask how it went - she said the cruise was awful!  Uh-oh... here's the text of her reply:
I was on Celebrity Mercury, not a Royal Caribbean.

It was an older ship and ours was the last cruise. In fact, it is now on it’s way to Germany. I learned yesterday that last year the ship had the highest number of cases of passenger illness and had to cut short three cruises.

For me personally, among other things, I went to a demonstration of wine sabering, where they remove the cork from a champagne bottle with a sword. Well, in a very freak accident, the cork and part of the bottle flew through the air, bounced off the balcony and came back to cut my left thumb. I had to spend a week of the cruise with my thumb bandaged, no pool, no beach, etc. Also no offer of any compensation…although they did tell me there would be no charge for bandaging it in the infirmary. Then in the infirmary the nurse started yelling at me because my blood pressure was so high. Gee whiz….I’m here alone, I’m in shock, I’ve just lost a lot of blood, I’m under stress, what did she think?

On the other hand, I love cruising, and there’s much to be said for round the clock room service. The crew, especially the folks in the dining room, were very friendly.
Poor Ann!  I'm glad she got home safely but so sorry she spent all that money and didn't enjoy herself... can you say "law suit"??  The passengers on the above-mentioned ship got a full refund plus the offer of a free cruise at a later date.

Sew forth and sew on...


  1. Ohhh gosh oh gee..I am not going to share my nightmares of cruises and quilting one at that...no siree...I think you have had enough bad news....surely though your nov cruise will be a good one..bet we will hear about it ..lol

  2. I am afraid of deep water, so a cruise just doesn't suit me. I don't think they would book Bonnie and Pat on a "disaster waiting to happen" ship. I am sure you are going to have a good time - breathe.

  3. We were going to book Bonnie's cruise but it sold out really fast. I work in ocean conservation, so I have heard nightmare stories about some of the stuff that goes on. But generally most people have a good time and you will be quilting. That makes up for everything! Have fun...I'm jealous. Penny

  4. I have never ever been interested in a cruise. I don't think you'll ever catch me on one!! But you will have a great time I am sure!


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