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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's UFO time again!

As Andy Taylor of Mayberry would say, "yeah baw-ie". 

Did you all notice I changed my font size?  I decided I didn't really need it to be as large as it was.  Now, this means some of the pictures in my older posts won't be aligned the way I had them, but that doesn't really matter, does it?

I notice we have a 50th follower, yaaaaay!  I don't know who it is though... for some reason they're not in chronological order?  Welcome, earthling!!  Please step forward and identify yourself so we can all welcome you! :o)

This time UFO #2 popped to the top, which I've named The Story of Christmas: 

Of all the UFO's on my list, this is one needing very little more than creativity to finish it off.  Actually it was finished for the 2009 Scrapbagger's retreat, but I wasn't satisfied with it so I deconstructed parts of it.  I admit it - I was working at the last minute, running out of time, and I slapped it together to meet the deadline! 

These are the problem areas I want to fix - starting with the top left panel...
The panel was just too plain, it needs something else.  I decided to put a palm tree or two in there, maybe a little moon, a few stars or something.  Also, I need to outline those sheep with black thread, lest they be lost while he's playing on his harp.  And speaking of that harp, the color blends too much into his clothing, looks like he's eating a banana.

The middle panel is the angel heralding the Good News...

Once again, plain, plain, plain!  I need to outline her wings and the words - you can barely see them! - with dark thread.  Maybe I'll toss some stars or whatever behind her, but otherwise I think that particular block is okay.

The third panel - Mary and Joseph, and the Babe in the manger ...

I think Mary's headwrap blends too much into the background.  Maybe I'll put a low wall behind them, outline the headwrap in a dark thread.  To make the manger, I googled "wooden cradles" and found one I liked and made my applique pattern from that.  I sewed raffia in the the manger to similate straw but most of it has broken off by now.  Mary and Joseph were a couple at a clothing site, modelling African garments. 

And then we have the three wise men who brought gold, frankincense and myrrh...

There's absolutely nothing wrong with them, I'm just showing them because they're just so darned handsome!

As for the bottom right panel, I think Mary and Jesus are fine as is, but I might embroider the outline of buildings in the background and do something to the floor, maybe some stonework.

The striped fabric outlining the blocks will do for a border, I think I have enough of it left.  Then, a little quilting and it'll be done!

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Very interesting piece - I look forward to your changes and the finish.

  2. Linda == I think this is piece is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could create something half as lovely. You have such an eye for fabrics and details.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is wonderful!!!! I love it so much!!

    And I cannot figure out why sometimes followers are in order and other times they aren't. Why is that??

  4. The newest follower usually appears at the far left on the top row UNLESS they are one of those silhouettes thatn you find at the end of your following list which might mean they are not following publicly (as in they want to be anonymous).

  5. This is such a different style of a quilt from the stack-and-whack prize that I just received from you. Yep! My mother liked the idea so much that she wants to be the charity recipient when it's finished. Thanks again for the "WIP" project. Marcia

  6. Wow, your christmas story quilt is beautiful. Is this a pattern or your own design? As a collector of nativity scenes, I would love to do one like it.

  7. I really like this quilt, and think the changes you plan will make things "pop" more. I LOVE the 3 wise men. They are perfect as is. The fabric you found for the cradle is perfect! I also like Mary's headwrap. I wonder if shading it with some of those paintsticks would make it stand out a bit more. I hope you'll keep us up to date on whatever you decide to do to this quilt. Oh, I also meant to say that the sashing is PERFECT! I love how it brings everything together.

  8. At that pace, Christmas is on the way. (And we still don't have spring) I love the way you have used those fabrics and look forward to future posts.

  9. The Story of Christmas is breath-taking! I want a copy of the pattern - now - today! lol
    I truly love your interpretation and the beautiful images!
    P.S. - I figured out how to get your newer posts to show up on my blog so now I won't be missing a single one! So happy to be your Follower!


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