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Monday, March 14, 2011

Photos from years ago

Hello everybody, I'm glad to see you, and we always have room for new followers... everybody just sorta scoots over to make room for ya!

Today is another workday, oh goody.  That means I get another chance to sit all day in a chair that v-e-r-r-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y  lowers itself until my knees are about even with my chin.  Well, that's the way it feels anyway; if my chair at the office did that, they'd have to replace it.  But, since it happens at home, I'll just have to tough it out til I can get a new one.

I did manage to get all my clocks reset yesterday, except 2 watches.  No matter what I do, they never all have the same time, maybe off about 30 seconds or so.  Thank goodness I'm not OC!  CJW, I didn't realize Jean Ray Laury had died; where have I been?

I was looking through some old photographs and I found more pictures of quilts I made a long time ago.  I had truly forgotten about these but now that I see the photos, I remember all the when, where and why of them... except these two abandoned ones: 
I was taking a watercolor class at my LQS; I'm not sure what this was supposed to be a picture of, because it never was.

G Street Fabrics used to have a very high ceiling and lots of room in their old location, and they would often invite quilters to display their quilts, it was wonderful!  You'd walk through the quilting area and there's be a sea of quilts on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.  I used to be a crossword puzzle fan, so this is one I made based on the filled-in areas of a crossword puzzle: 
The entire thing was made from 2-1/2" squares; the date on the photo is 1997, so that's probably when I did this one (notice I did this before the sudoku craze came about!).  It was probably at or near July 4th...  where in the world is that quilt? 

Now here's one that looks great in full-size!  Our Bible study class was taught by the associate pastor of our church, a nice young guy.  He and his wife were leaving the area, so I secretly had all the class members sign a siggy square and I made this quilt for him.  I might have shown you a smaller version I made from leftovers, but this one is much prettier:
I presented it to Rev. and Mrs. Davis at a farewell party at the church; a lot of people came from his home church in Jamaica, just to wish him well.   Here are two shots of the back:

I pieced a church that I centered on the back, the steeple is embellished with a tiny gold bell.  This qualifies as one of those "made from the heart" quilts... the quilting on it was really bad with poochy areas all over the back!  They liked it, though. 

I got that pattern from a magazine and I'll have to make it again, in a throw or full-size; maybe in fall or Christmas colors this time.  The crossword puzzle quilt is a candidate too; it's totally cute and no two would have the same layout.  Gee I'm clever!

That's all for now, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Jean Ray Laury passed away March 2nd. Here's a link to her obituary in the Fresno Bee:


  2. LOVE the crossword quilt -- crossword puzzles are one of my "vices" and and I've used up lots of "I could be quiltmaking" time with them! I've thought a couple of times about what a crossword quilt might look like, but never further than the pondering stage. Now I don't have to -- cuz you've made the quilt!


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