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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Looking over my shoulder

Hello everybody! *big elegant wave*  I'm glad you all enjoyed my humor yesterday; Julie we're still praying for you all in Japan, just keep holding on!

Since my June 3 retirement is just around the corner I've started cleaning out my office, I figure why wait til the last minute.  How do we collect and hold on to so much paperwork garbage?
This isn't even close to what I threw out.  Between last week and yesterday I must have shredded 6 inches worth of paper from my drawers.  Old appraisals going back to 1987, pay adjustment and reorg paperwork, old health insurance claim forms... I don't need that stuff!  I kept the last two appraisals, and one pay adjustment, as pitiful as that was.  Everything else, if it containied personal info, was shredded.

Then I came to my "decision" point... I have a lot of coffee cups, how many does the average person need??   Assuming I'm average? My dilemma - which ones to keep?

The one on the extreme left with the adinkra symbols came from the African Museum shop down on the Mall - I think I'll keep that one!  That's an interesting museum, it's underground and has some eye-catching displays, I haven't been there in 5-6 years though.  That Christmas cup next to it came from the Dollar Tree about 3 years ago - you can get some good junk at the dollar store! 

The tall one in back came from the pottery store at Potomac Mills about 7 years ago. I had gone to a function at Hylton Chapel and realized I wanted a larger cup than they had in the hotel room.

I've had the one with snowflakes almost 20 years, I remember getting it from a little gift shop before our office moved from Bethesda to Rockville, Maryland.  The graphics are by Sue Boynton, cats clinging to snow flakes.  The white one on the right came from the dollar store, about 2 years ago, I don't know why I'd buy such a plain cup.

So, my decision... I'll definitely keep the one with the adinkra symbols, maybe the one with snowflakes.  The others will be left at the office along with my coffee maker... somebody'll use em.

I also had 3 containers of the microwavable soup that I didn't want, had expired in January.  I put them in the vending room with a note saying "These are past the expiration date, but you're welcome to take them if you want."  I went back later and one was missing... an hour later the other two were gone.  I looked in the garbage can but they weren't in there either, so somebody took em. 

I have some pudding cups I think I'll put in there tomorrow, same deal...  they expired in October, so it's up to the individual.  Whatever.

What's up with this?

There must have been a good reason to have a hammer in my desk drawer! 

All this rearranging and tossing reminds me a little bit of when I progressed from elementary school to junior high.  We rode the school bus, and it stopped first at the elementary school, then the junior high.  That first morning I had such an urge to jump off the bus at the elementary school, because that's what I'd always done before.  What I'm saying is, I hope I don't have the urge to jump up one morning in July and run back to the office!  I've been doing that for 40 years, that's a long time! 

Oh well, sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. I know, when you get in a routine it's hard to change it. I had 35 yrs. with NYS - so many changes, I didn't miss the new people, didn't miss the extra work load and stress, and REALLY didn't miss the traffic/commute. My SIL retired last June (NYS) after 40 yrs - she lamented, but found the same thing. ANd you find a new routine that fits so comfortably, you ask yourself why you waited so long.

  2. As I sit at the computer with grim news playing in the background I am thinking your blog is a better way to begin my day. I had to laugh over the cup decisions. I have a built-in cup smasher.(aka husband)and often have little choice over the ones I keep.
    I am reminded I have some papers to toss as well. Thanks!

  3. I am laughing at your waking up to go back to the office.LOL!!I can't wait for what you will write during that time. As you know I was so happy with a new lease on life after 39 years of Federal service. I have not regret it. This is the best time of my life.


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