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Friday, March 25, 2011

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

But the reality was dirt!  At least, it tasted like dirt. 

I bought these nutrition bars from Target mainly because of the protein - 12 grams!  And when I saw the promise of almonds and caramel I knew I had a winner -- not!  I bit into one and it tasted - believe you me - like chocolate-flavored dirt!  So I'm taking these things back to Target.  One little hitch: I tossed out the receipt two days ago and trash was collected yesterday.  Timing is everything!

These weren't so bad, but they were bad enough:
I had them at the office, didn't like them, so I took em to the vending room.  Sure enough, somebody liked em.  There wasn't anything wrong with them, they just weren't my cuppa, so to speak.  At this point I have no idea of the protein or fiber content.

Now these are a much better choice:

Special K protein bars, 10 grams of protein and 5 grams fiber!  For the most part you either get high protein or high fiber, but usually not both in the same package.  By far, these are the best choice for me.

Well, today I'll take my car for its first checkup, there's an issue with the GPS losing its signal but otherwise I have no problems.  My grand plan was to leave home at 6:30 because the shop opens at 7 -- yeah right!  As I'm typing this, it's already 8:25 but shoot - it's my day off!  I don't feel like pushing those arns around too fast today.

Also, today is the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, so if I'm lucky I'll get a chance to go down there.  The blossoms are out but they haven't peaked yet; should be good enough for a few photos though. Since they're talking about wet snow this weekend, I'll try to go before those delicate blossoms are destroyed.

Have a quilty day everybody.

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Our cherry blossoms still seem to be a long way off ... very late this year. The magnolias have begun to open on the sunny side of the street and there are a few leaves poking out on the hydrangea bushes.Aaah..spring...

  2. Julie, the cherry blossoms we have were a gift from your country 100 years ago! They've done beautifully every year -- even after the beaver episode around 10 years ago :o)



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