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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heeeeere's Bonnie!

Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville lectures on her use of fabric and scraps; I learned about her method years ago, but I've never seen a "live" lecture on it. If you've already seen the video, watch again - you might have missed something the first time!


  1. I read it and also watched the tutorial. I thought it was very interesting. Time to sort the stash.

  2. Thanks for the video..Need to start sewing things together now....

  3. Thank you for sharing the vid. I've been using her scrap system for a few years now and it is great. Lovely to see a vid of her.

  4. Thanks for sharing this video. I was in a couple of her classes last fall, but I have never seen the full video. Because I like color, I am becoming more scrappy in my approach to quilting. She has a lot to offer on the subject.


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