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Monday, March 21, 2011

100th post and a giveaway!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) First day of Spring
(2) Trees becoming leafy again
(3) Freebies

Well here I am, doing my 100th post, can you believe it!  I intended to do a giveaway when I got my 100th visitor, but I missed it... then I decided to do one for the 500th visitor, but I missed that too.  Yadda yadda yadda, I'm doing my 100th post with a giveaway!

This post also celebrates the number 100 for another reason:  in 1999 I made my one and only trip (so far!) to the Houston quilt festival.  As many of you remember, the 100 Best American Quilts of the 20th Century were on display at that show, and I tell you they were impressive!  My friend Gwen and I took Bethany Reynolds' Stack n Whack class... it was a great class and we were really churning out the blocks!  However... when I got home I didn't finish the quilt, so it became a UFO.  So, these blocks were pieced at the 1999 Houston quilt festival, and I'm convinced they are part of the 100 Best UFO's of the 20th Century That Travelled Into the 21st Century!

Here are four of em:

This is where the giveaway part comes in: 

There are 11 completed blocks measuring 12" across, with the 6 pieces cut out to make the 12th block. 

I had some of the fabric left over that I will include if... I say if ... I can locate it in my stash.  Otherwise, I know you can find matching fabric for the setting triangles. 

If you're interested in these residents of Area 51, say so in a message before 6pm EDT Wednesday; I'll post the name of the winner on Thursday, March 24.  And grab my nice button if you want to help spread the word! 

You don't have to be a follower but if you'd like to be... well, as usual we'll squoonch over a bit to make room for ya!

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Now belive it or not, I have not done a stack and whack, but help to teach it - go figure. I would love - no be honoured to finish your UFO quilt. It would be cherished as part of the '100'.

  2. What an accomplishment to reach 100 posts! Congratulations! I would love to win your lovely blocks and create something with them!
    Jacque in SC

  3. Hi and good luck! I meant to add that I'll include instructions for making the blocks.


  4. how beautiful Linda...very springy indeed..you are sew good with your blending...

  5. these are beautiful, I know I shouldn't add to my pile, but I can't resist joining this giveaway. thanks for the opportunity, terri in bc

  6. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts - quite a milestone. We have a request for a charity quilt so this would be wonderful start on it. I've never made a S-A-W quilt yet there is someone who will help me if I have any questions. Thanks for the giveaway. Your UFO can become my WIP and finish!

  7. Linda, congratulations on your 100the post on EatSleepQuilt. What a milestone. I have never attemted a stack & whack, but I am always open to trying something new and having the directions sweetens the deal. I would love to finish your quilt. Congrats again! Penny

  8. i love the block, if i don't win them please tell us how to make them.

  9. I love those blocks!!! How could anything so beautiful become a UFO?? My internet connection has been very iffy so I snuck a peek on my husband's computer while he is out. Oh my, I'd have felt terrible to miss this post! Congratulations on #100.


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