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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Foto-Finish Saturday - "Spring"

For this week's photo finish assignment, Barbara at Cat Patches chose "spring" and I'm ready for it!  So long snow, icy roads, uncleared sidewalks, messy commutes, and maniac drivers showing off their 4-wheel drive. 

What says spring better than good ole forsythias!?  I was over at the Fabric Peddler (in Capitol Heights, Maryland) yesterday and I just happened to have my camera with me, so I snapped a couple shots of the forsythias in front of Nadine's shop.  

The close up below is from another angle, they're really full and look so pretty in real life. 

As pretty as these are, my intention was to go to the orchid exhibit at the museum down on the Mall and get some shots, but I didn't have time.  I didn't get any pictures for today's theme but I still have until sometime next month to see the exhibit!

Well, that's my spring photo; click on the Foto-Finish icon on the right to see other interpretations of this week's theme.


Today is also national quilting day!  This is a springtime postcard I made for a coworker's birthday last year; her birthday was March 14 ...

I free-cut the branches from a piece of fused brown fabric, and the music came from a piece of black-and-white fabric.  She loved it!  She said "oooh that's nice, maybe I'll keep this!"  sheesh.

Well, enjoy your Saturday!  Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Our forsythias won't bloom for another 2-3 weeks. Their golden yellow flowers are so pretty. And the small birds like to nest in their dense branches for protection.

    I love your little card. The music notes are very clever with the bird.

  2. Oh, pretty! I've heard of forsythias, but I don't know if I've ever seen them. Something new to me. Maybe they won't grow in Oregon(?). Thanks for sharing.

  3. You are right Spring = Forsytha. I'll have to wait a few more weeks for mine. Thanks for the photo promise that spring is really coming.

  4. Very pretty. Yellow is such a wonderful spring color!

  5. I think yellow flowers are my favorites...until I see another color flower! LOL Those forsythias really do look like spring, don't they?

    Your postcard is wonderful - "MAYBE" she'll keep it?!!! I should hope so!

  6. Very pretty....I saw those in quite a few yards on our trip. Now I know what they are and how pretty they actually are!!

  7. I dont have any forsythias either. They look so pretty. I love the card you made for your friend, I hope she finally appreciated that it was a work of art.


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