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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Three things to be happy about:
(1) new beginnings
(2) a cruise in mid-winter
(3) warm toes

First I want to wish each and every one of you a very happy and blessed New Year!

Some time ago I realized that whatever resolution I made for the new year - whatever it was - didn't make it through the first three or four months!  So, I simply stopped making them.  Now I just hang my new calendars showing the fresh new year and move right along.  Somewhere along the way if I pick up a good habit/attitude/whatever or drop a bad one, or complete something that needed doing, I consider it an item in the plus column for the year!

Here are some typical resolutions that didn't make it:

Resolution:  Keep track of my fabric usage - that didn't last long!  I talked about it here
and here

Resolution:  Finish one UFO a month - dropped it!  I blogged about that one here.  I did manage to finish some UFO's but it wasn't the "one a month" that I (and my guild) challenged!

Resolution:  Clean out my basement - toss out at least one bag of useless "stuff" or donate at least one bag of useful "things" a month.  Yeah, right!

In 2016 I only managed to donate two bags of clothing, and that wasn't until early last month!  But, I take credit for getting that much out of the house ... I'll do better this year, I promise.

Is a promise made on New Year's day the same as a resolution??

So what are you promising yourself, or resolving to do during this bright new year? Think carefully, someone may be watching!  ;o)

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Another informative blog… Thank you for sharing it… Best of luck for further endeavor too.

  2. I don't do resolutions - gave it up years ago! I'll go as far as an intention or two - to make beautiful things and to cause no harm, but those are always my intentions, so I don't know if they really count...


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