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Friday, December 14, 2012

My Festivus list!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) straight teeth
(2) overalls
(3) a foosball match

In a nutshell, the "Festivus" celebration was born on the Jerry Seinfeld show, where George Costanza's father wanted a celebration "for the rest of us."  He'd get a Festivus pole and gather the family around and berate them for their failures during the year.  The poorest performer would have to carry the festivus pole of shame.

Well, I love Christmas and I don't celebrate Festivus, but I thought it would be a fun name for this post.  Throughout the year I started things that for one reason or another I didn't finish; I don't mean UFO's, that's a whole different category!

So, this is my Festivus list, or "things that I dropped like a hot tater."

First up - Inspired by Toefeather, I wanted to make a 4-inch block every day for a year, then I'd have 365 blocks to make into a quilt.  Clever girl!

Seemed easy to do and it really is, but that daily block became a group of weekly blocks, then there were no blocks at all, doh!   After I made 35 blocks I discovered I wasn't sure I liked how they all looked together and I dropped that idea!  I'll make one more then set them in a quilt with sashing in between.

Another one - a slashed 9-patch block using African fabrics. 

Sounded like a good idea and the single blocks looked great... but when I placed several of them together on my design wall - yuck!  Not my idea of an attractive quilt.  If you stared at it too long it'd probably knock you down!

I could take the ones I did and set them with some kind of sashing (w-i-d-e sashing!) I suppose, but I'll not be making any more of these rascals!

Here's a good one - South of Baltimore!  I was using scrap yardage to make the flowers and leaves.

This actually should be considered a UFO because I can finish it by simply making two more blocks and setting them in a gigantic four-patch.  The blocks are 16" square so they'd make a nice wall hanging.  At this point I can't remember why I dropped this one - UFO!

And last but not least - my stash report!  Where did that go? Well, I found it tedious to try and figure out how much fabric I was using every week.  I stopped my wild fabric buying several months ago, I don't even look at the emails from Hancocks of Paducah or Thousands of Bolts or eQuilter (why haven't I dropped off those mailing lists??) and I think I've bought less than two dozen yards this year, so maybe the list did have some effect!  How much fabric did I use this year?  I have no idea but I know I used some, so that's a good thing!  So that's my story and I'm sticking with it!

If you had a quilting Festivus list, what would be on it??  I'd love to hear your hidden secrets!  Have a great Friday - sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Hey - you are honest, and we do fall out of love with some projects. My only Festivus confession is the tiny house blocks - 365 of them! No Way - and I like to do tiny. I think I have half, but not in love with them so will ship them off to Sarah's group to use in a charity quilt or two.

  2. Those 35 blocks will make a great quilt. Don't give up on that project!

  3. I absolutely love those 35 blocks. I think they look great just as they are without sashing.
    I started the Rainbow challenge again this year and kind of feel off when certain colors came up. I said this would be the year I would finally finish my Christmas quilt. Didn't happen, but hey, I still have a few days left. As far as fabric buying goes, right now I'm buying everything I can cause I am really going to try and use my stash in 2013. Either that or give it away! Lol

  4. Not enough space on the internet for my Festivus list... LOL. I like your south of Baltimore blocks. Those are cute!

  5. I had a standard sew date with a friend and we planned to make the US of A state blocks. Five a month was the deal. I believe I have the first 5 plus half of one. They're 9 inch blocks with many many small pieces. It was a challenge. I was so into it that I found fabric that had state birds as the theme and brought it to use as my backing, so really, I have no choice but to finish.

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I like your 35 of 365 blocks. You should start again. They remind me of a display of flags. I like them !

  7. Ok, for some insane reason, I can not complete the Ocean Waves quilt that I have blogged so much about. I want to finish it, I have just lost some interest. Also, remember the Farmers' Wife blocks? Those wonderful 121 - 6inch blocks. Still have 109 to make. But I think I am going to complete them -- just don't know when.
    I think you should try to finish 365 block as much as possible. I actually like the African 9 patch blocks, but I think I would have used black trim. Take one apart and try it.:0) Thanks for sharing.

  8. I remember watching each of these. I love the idea of the one with the African fabrics. I think the problem may be with the white white. Maybe if it was darker, or even a cream or gray, it would work really well. I do believe this quilt can be saved.
    One of the things on my Festivus list would be the color challenge blocks on 15 Minutes Play. I made a few random sizes and patterns. I have the list of colors, and think I may try again someday. Another one was a quilt I never got past the gathering of fabric. I loved the idea when I started pulling all the fabric together, but then my zeal cooled. I have several blocks from the wonky house exchange that I will probably never put together, as well as some fish blocks from another exchange. Then again, I may try to put them into something to donate. The wonderful thing about quilt making is that it is so much fun to keep on trying new things.


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