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Monday, January 2, 2017

The airin' o' the green

Three things to be happy about:
(1) nurturing creativity
(2) twinkling stars
(3) warm peach cobbler

Last week a friend was telling me all about the peach cobbler she made for Christmas dinner.  It's an Aretha Franklin recipe she found on the Food Network - man was my mouth watering!

Doesn't that look good, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream??

Gotta make me some!

When Bonnie released clue #6 to En Provence  last Friday, I wanted to shout "Green at last! Green at last! Thank lordamercy there's green at last!"

Looking at the green strips she was cutting though, I had to rethink my greens because I wasn't sure about some of the lighter ones.

Avocado ... avocado ... yellow-green?  Do these work??

I removed a couple that I wasn't sure would fit the bill and substituted a few different ones.

I'm ashamed to admit I made a trip to JoAnn's and got this fabric, after pledging to use my stash for this mystery!

But then after the final clue was released yesterday and I saw what the green has to do in the quilt - I felt lots, lots better about my selections!  There are still some that I'll eliminate from the En Provence  box, but for the most part I'm satisfied that I have a good variety, up and down within that avocado/yellow-green category.

My first instinct is to pretend the last clue isn't available yet, and finish clue #6; that's probably the best thing right now to keep focused, because for step #6 we only need to make sixty-four ... sixty-four ...

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Love your greens - especially those candy canes!
    I made four of the last-clue blocks, just so I could lay out a bit to look at. I've got a long way to go just to catch up with you for the first FIVE clues, let alone the last ones, though! (I'm glad she gave us extra time for the linky party!)

  2. mmm, peach cobbler -- my favorite. now I know why I should have frozen some of last summer's fresh peaches.....as I look out at my snowy yard and the single digit temps we've had for the last week or so with more snow in the forecast for this weekend.d


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