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Saturday, December 31, 2016

White House tour

I toured the White House yesterday with a group from the senior center.  Last time I went was over 30 years ago, wow!

This very interesting portrait of First Lady Michelle Obama wasn't in the White House; actually it was in the lounge at the Hotel Washington close by.

The tour only allows visitors on the State (or first) floor.

This beautiful concert grand piano is in the East Room, which is used for receptions, ceremonies, press conferences, etc.   You can't see it, but the legs are carved into eagles.

Tennessee marble floor in the entrance and cross halls, showing the construction and renovation dates of the White House.

The Red Room is used for small receptions; it's decorated as an American Empire parlor of 1810-1830.

Beautiful carpet, and look at the carving on the fireplace!

Another beautiful carpet, this one in the Green Room.  This room is also used for receptions.

The furniture was red, go figure!

The State Dining Room can seat 130 guests at dinners and luncheons.

There is a quotation from John Adams carved in the fireplace mantel but I couldn't get close enough to actually see it!

Beautiful ceiling in the State Dining Room!

The wall paneling is made of English oak, from the 1902 renovation.

This table is also in the State Dining Room, I don't know the date it was built.

There were other rooms you could see on the tour but because of the position of the ropes (sometimes just outside the door) it was difficult to actually see anything.

Seen but not shown here:  the Library (fuzzy picture); the Vermeil room has an extensive collection of vermeil (gilded silver); the China room displays pieces of china and glass used by the Presidents; the Blue room, often used by the President to receive guests.  The White House Christmas tree is usually placed in this room.

I had been looking forward to seeing the Christmas decorations!  Alas, they were removed Wednesday, just three days after Christmas.

When I think back to my earlier visit (30 years ago), somehow it seems we were able to see much more than you can see now.

Here's a tip:  if you're planning a White House visit - especially with a group - plan early!  Because of background checks it could  take weeks, even months to get a tour date.

Well that was my day, enjoy yours!  Sew forth and sew on.


  1. I toured the White House 36 years ago, and I don't remember there being any checks at all then. Definitely no background checks, anyway! Perhaps I had to show my passport? Times have changed.

  2. i'm so jealous! That is something I've always wanted to do -- and to do it now, while the most gracious couple ever are still in residence. Lucky you. Thanks for sharing your visit.


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