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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The best birthday ever

Today is my birthday, I hit the double digits!

As I was thinking about how I've celebrated my birthday over the years, I remembered that my 'best birthday ever' didn't start out that way!

Years and years ago my birthday fell on a Sunday, and the guy I was dating at the time was to take me to dinner.  This wasn't any ordinary dinner, mind you - it was dinner theater!

He had something come up at the last minute and couldn't take me (let me pause here and say he wasn't the most reliable person in the world).  I'd been so looking forward to this for weeks, and when he cancelled at the last minute I was really crushed!

I didn't want to spend my birthday all alone in my house because I knew I'd get depressed, so I decided to take myself to dinner.  First place I went to (I think it was called The Pleasant Peasant) had a wait time of over an hour.  Yeeech, I didn't want to wait an hour!  I decided to go to Hogate's on the waterfront - 45 minutes wait - sheesh!  I figured I may as well stay, have a drink in the bar.

Somehow I got in a conversation with a lady sitting on the stool next to me, told her it was my birthday, boyfriend stood me up, yadda yadda yadda.  She sympathized and bought me another drink. I was starting to feel a bit better!

A guy sitting on the other side joined our conversation and offered to buy me another one ... well, two was my limit so I politely declined.  By that time my table was ready; I asked the bartender for my tab and he winked at me and said forget the tab.  Feeling better and better!

On the way to my table I told the maitre d' that I wanted a nice table because it was my birthday.  He sat me at a very nice table at a window overlooking the Potomac - better still!

After I ordered, the guy I'd talked with in the bar asked to join me, I said sure!  He said he had already eaten but he wanted to sit with me awhile because nobody should eat alone on their birthday - and that he'd asked my waiter for my dinner check because dinner was on him - wow!

My new friend had to leave after a few minutes.  When I finished eating my waiter brought me a slice of cake with a candle, and 5-6 other waiters gathered around and sang Happy Birthday to me!

That was the best birthday I ever had!

I know how I'll celebrate my birthday today, I hope you have a great one too!  Sew forth and sew on


  1. Happy Birthday Linda!! I hope today is just as special as the birthday you mentioned above! Treat yourself to some awesome fabric today :)

  2. Happy birthday!
    And may all your birthdays be the best birthday ever!

  3. The Reader's Digest features an article each month called, "Kindness of Strangers'. You should enter that post as it would surly be a winner. It is your birthday but you have given a present to us all through this story.

  4. Wow -- what a great story. I don't know that I would be brave enough to go out for dinner alone, even if it was my birthday.


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