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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring, and spring cleaning

Three things to be happy about:
(1) dogs with tennis balls
(2) dog-walkers with poop bags at the ready
(3) a vase of fragrant flowers

Spring has sprung!  Just look at my one and only azalea bush!

Just three days before I took this picture I only saw a pink bud here and another one over there.

It looks like two different shades of pink... I used to have two bushes, I think they must have cross-pollinated before the other one died.

I think the spring cleaning bug must have bit me for sure!  Remember the swap blocks I was working on in December 2010 for our April 2011 Scrapbag retreat in Deep Creek?  Directly after the retreat I even started laying out the blocks I received.    Now I want to get these together and out of the way... here's one layout:

I was debating whether to use sashing strips or not... I think I'll go with the sashing, they seem to call for something.  Probably deep blue or gold will do (sorry LizA and Marei, no red this time!!)

More progress on my b&w strip twist, I'm going to like this one A LOT!
These straight strips work nicely as a leader-ender project.  And yes LizA... I plan to put a teeny red border on this one - shhhhh - I was keeping it a secret!  ;o)

And now it's time for breffus - have a great day everyone, sew forth and sew on!


  1. Love, love, love your azalea bush - what great color! I would opt for no sashing but it is your quilt.

  2. beautiful flowers and quilt blocks Linda!!

  3. Your azalea is stunningly beautiful. How can anyone not feel happy when they see something like that? I agree that red just won't work in your block swap top....which I like very much BTW. Be careful, Linda. I think Strip Twist might be as addictive as potato chips! Oooo....potato chips with onion dip.......that's something to be happy about.

  4. Your azalea is stunning -- I like the multi-color. As for the strip twist, HA! I just KNEW you were going to put red in it. Come on, it just screams for just a dash of red. As for the swap blocks.....hhmmmm, I think those center ones could use some skinny red sashing......only kidding, sorta.

  5. Lots of pretty stuff inside and out!

  6. I think I would sash the quilt, but that center section (the 4 W or zigzag blocks) I wouldn't sash thru the middles. That means wider sashings around that section. OR a border around that section and then the regular sashing. (maybe that border could be red?)


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